Real Name: Douglas Nolan
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nancy Nolan (mother), Andrew Nolan (twin brother, aka Ferro)
Group Affiliation: The Outsiders
Eyes: Brown (covered by helmet however)
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs (non-ironed up)
Age: 16

Andrew and Douglas Nolan were identical twins in 20th Century Metropolis. Both boys were born with the power to transform themselves into living, animate metal. In this form they were super-strong and virtually invulnerable.

Unfortunately, they were also horribly disfigured. Their mother, a popular TV actress and model, was unable to cope with the idea of her sons being "freaks," so she sent Andy and Dougie off to a "school" for "special" children with metahuman powers and inhuman appearances. Although it presented itself to the government and the families of the children as a caring group home, the "school" was actually a Dickensian nightmare were the children were forced to use their powers for the profit of the owner, and the most powerful bullies terrorized the less powered students. Andrew and Dougie were forced to wear full-face metal helmets to cover their faces, Because students were required to "earn their keep," Andrew became an accomplished tailor, while Douglas learned a bit about welding.

Andrew had planned to escape the institution with Douglas, but that night, he discovered that Doc 30, who was in charge of the institution, was bribing people into being allowed to keep them and their fellow freaks. Douglas concluded that the world was actively trying to get rid of freaks like him and opted instead to stay, in the hopes of becoming one of Doc 30's Knight Shift, planning to use the code-name Ingot. When Andrew returned, and was offered a position on the Knight Shift before he was, Douglas got upset and lashed out at Doc 30. Douglas just narrowly escaped Death for his affront, along with his brother Andrew. The Legion of Super-Heroes, who happened to be in the 30th Century at the time, luckily were there to make the save.

Bewildered by his actions, he declined refuge amongst Andrew and the stranded Legionnaires. Douglas decided rather to set out on a course by himself in the 20th century, and he urged Andrew to do whats best for him, and go to the 30th century. With his brother's behest, and having already realized that his mother was emotionally incapable of taking care of him, Andrew accepted the Legion's invitation to return to 30th Century and join the Legionnaires. After several months of surviving on the streets, Douglas encountered the Vigilante group known as "The Outsiders". After assisting them in taking down a pack of thugs pursuing the hero, Junior, he was offered a spot amongst their group. Which he happily accepted.

Although not highly trained as a fighter, like his brother Ferro, Douglas's main combat asset is a self-sacrificing nature that makes him totally fearless. His loyalty to his friends is absolutely unquestioning and complete.