Real name: Cody Driscoll
Occupation: Adventurer, UN Peacekeeper
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dawn Driscoll (mother) Unknown H'san N'Tall (father) Argent, Joto, Prysm (deceased), Fringe(half siblings), Scorcher (half sibling,deceased)
Group Affiliation: Doom Patrol, New Outsiders (former), Teen Titans(former)
Base of Operations: NYCbr> Age: 17
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Birth date: June 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


Cody Driscoll was a high school student in Cosmos, Colorado, where he had a reputation with his peers as fearless, arrogant and courageously stupid. With a single mother who can barely make ends meet financially, Cody has always been the man of the family, taking care of his Mom. Insecure about family, he uses jokes and sarcastic retorts to keep people slightly edged away from him lest he care too much and they go away, leaving him to be hurt all over again. Cody's reaction to having siblings through the H'San Ntall genetic engineering has given him the family he has dreamed of, but leaves him at a loss on how to deal with his mother.

Unable to keep a secret from the woman who gave everything she had to keep them together, Cody explained his alien DNA and her kidnapping by the H'San Ntall. She gave him his support, yet later appeared on a talk show, telling all, needing the money her son's Titan status would give the two of them. Cody was upset by this but accepted why she had done what she'd done. He later saved her life at the expense of innocent bystanders when his mother was kidnapped by the team of villains Dark Nemesis. His loyalty to his mother is touching when compared to the arrogant loud-mouthed that gets on everyone's nerves. Superboy recently had to apprehend Risk when he returned to Colorado because of a break in at a top secret government base Risk committed as a prank just before the Colorado teen was taken prisoner by the Psions.

Risk found Jupiter useful for one thing: his money and the lifestyle Risk craved while living in a suburb trailer park in Denver. He took advantage of this, at one point using Jupiter's credit to buy designer clothes and a ridiculously expensive automobile.

Upon the death of Isaiah "Joto" Crockett, Cody found that the one member whom he thought was the best and the one person that Cody completely respected in team had considered him a best friend, forcing Risk to realize the fragility of life and the value of the others as companions, half-siblings and friends. Though still brash and reckless, Cody Driscoll has become more introspective, using his brain a bit more than before, though not as often as he should. Still full of insecurity and indecision, Risk is blocked from being a powerful hero because of this character flaw. With proper guidance, training and time, Risk could be a valued member of the superhero community.

This training, and time, however, has yet to come. For reasons unknown to everyone, while associating with Danger Girl on a kill mission against Executioner as revenge for his slaying of Prysm, Risk is offered the position of leader to Doom Patrol--the UN sanctioned team of meta-fascists, and he accepts. As leader of Doom Patrol, he does successfully lead them on a mission to destroy the Sun Eater during the Final Night. They then begin the systematic hunting down and slaying of small-time meta villains, including the Gothamite Mr. Freeze. On another such mission, the Patrol meets with disaster as forces led by another Gothamite--Anarky move against his team and strike, and the most unstable members of his own squad go rogue, ending in a body count where more than half of Risk's team are left dead, and none of their quarry are apprehended. What lies in his, or Doom Patrol's, future, remains unclear.

Risk since spent some time with the Watchmen, but faced with agressions from a murderer from Atlantis, he lost control--ending with a dead Atlantean terrorist and Risk undergoing therapy in Atlantis. After some months have now passed, he's finally ok again, still saddened by the loss of his friends, but ready to move on, and ready to rejoin his remaining friends in the Titans.

Super Powers and abilities:

Risk is hyper everything -- strength, toughness, can take hits or blasts that would kill most people--and his senses are more acute than nonmetas. His adrenaline rush encourages him to take the greater risks that his name implies. Cody is also hyper intelligent. He just lets his need for danger and thrills get in the way too often. Shares a pshychic link with other H'San Natall gened teens such as Argent, Joto, Fringe and Prysm and the late Scorcher of Dark Nemesis.