Name: Inez Ramirez
Relatives: Alberto Ramirez( Father, Deceased), Esmerelda Vega- Ramirez (Mother, Deceased)
Group Affiliation: JLA
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140 lbs
. Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Inez was a god send to Alberto and Esmerelda Ramirez. Even though they had married at age 19- Esmerelda did not get pregnant til her early forties, and by that time the Ramirezs had all but given up on children.

Growing up Inez was one of the few Hispanic ‘only’ children in her neighborhood, in Southern California. For a while she lead a happy spoiled childhood, her parents dotted on her, believing her to be a god send. She had several cousins to play with and her father when not buying her presents- was doing a good job in the Sanitation Department. Her childhood came to an end in her 9th year, when her parents were killed. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time and were killed by crossfire during a gang war. Inez was sent to live with one of her aunts. This did not work out, for two reasons. The first was that Inez was used to being the center of attention and was now one of many, and not even the most favored of the many. The other was that many of her cousins were members of gangs..... Something that she had little liking.

Inez was sent from uncle to aunt, all of the adults disliking her- all of her cousins laughing, beating her up and showing her that gangs are a way of life for Hispanics. At 16, she saved enough money from waiting tables to get a one way ticket to Opal City. She told none of her aunts or uncles her plans, and none of them missed her. For two years, Inez was back on top of the world. In Opal, with no extended family telling her what she could or could not do- she became herself. She ended up working at Burger Thing, making what she considered a good living. A friend had recently talked Inez to taking her G.E.D. and things were going well again for Inez. While getting change for Burger Thing, Nash tried to hold up the bank. Starman VII- Jack Knight stopped Nash, but during the fight he by accident shot Inez. Inez’s meta gene was activated by the cosmic rays. For 5 months she remained in hospital as her body changed to absorb cosmic rays....

Starshine absorbs cosmic rays for food- no longer needing to eat or breathe. She is able to shoot cosmic blasts- equal to the blasts generated by the cosmic rods and belts created by Ted Knight. Also like the rods she is able to concentrate her energy to different parts of the spectrum Her eyesight now can extend to infrared, ultra violet, night vision and x rays.

Starshine is able to switch to a ‘cosmic energy’ form. In this form she is able to fly in outer space- not worrying about decompression or the cold of space. She is able to fly in Earth’s atmosphere in both her ‘normal’ and ‘energy’ forms but can travel faster in ‘energy’ form( near light speed). While in ‘energy’ form- she speaks and hears in radio waves- allowing her to talk in space. She is currently trying learn to create light illusions by using regular light and not just cosmic rays.