Alter Ego: Linda Lee
Real Name: Kara Zor-El
Occupation: ((?????))
Maritial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Zor-El (Father), Alura (Mother), Kal-El (Cousin, deceased), Jor-El (Uncle, deceased), Lara(Aunt, deceased), Jonathan and Martha Kent (Adoptive Uncle and Aunt)
Group Affilation: JLA
Base of Operations: Metropolis (Hometown), JLA Moon base
Height: 5'7''
Weight 133lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


On the ill-fated planet Krypton, Zor-El was the greatest scientist in Argo City, and the creator of the weather proof plastic dome that covered the city. When the planet exploded, Argo was hurled into space in one piece, with its atmosphere kept intact by the dome. A few years later Kara was born.

When the ground beneath the city turned to deadly Anti-Kryptonite (poisons non-powered Kryptonians), a floor of sheet lead was laid to protect the people. However, when Kara was 15, a meteor, a meteor shower stuck the city. The dome was self-sealing plastic, but the lead was punctured, releasing the Anti-Kryptonite rays and dooming the population.

Having discovered Superman's presence on Earth, Zor-El and Alura used a small rocket to send Kara there, to be united with her cousin. Her mother made a costume for her, similar to her famous cousin.

Superman took her to the Midvale Orphanage, where she disguised herself with a brown wig and used the name Linda Lee. At first, she was the Man of Steel's seceret weapon while he trained her to use her powers.

Superman finally decided to reveal her to the world. Later Linda went to Stanhope University on a scholarship, and after graduation worked for a time at station KSF-TV in San Francisco. She briefly returned to college to study acting, working sometimes as a student advisor. Then for a short time she was an actress on the soap opera Secrect Hearts. she left the show to go back to school again.

While still in high school, she discovered her parents escaped the death of Argo City by entering the Phantom Zone. With the help of Kal-El she freed them and they went to live in the bottle city Kandor.

Over the course of the following months she continued adventuring as the heroine Supergirl, while adventuring she met and became a part-time member of the Legion of Super Heroes; where she would often travel to the 30th century to assist them. Among the Legionnaires she found somewhat of a kindred spirit in Brainiac 5, and despite many apparent differences there was a great attraction between the two of them. So much so, that Brainiac 5 inadvertantly changed the course of Kara's life forever, and perhaps caused the greatest trauma she would ever experience.

During the war with the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Brainiac 5 witnessed the death of Kara at the anti-monitor's hands. Overcome with grief, he used his knowledge of time travel, and assisted by a group of fellow Legionnaires, went back in time to before her death to save her. While he was successful in changing the course of history and sparing Kara's life, ten of his fellow Legionnaires were lost to a wave of anti-matter, and even more tragic, Superman lost his life in Kara's stead. Angry with Brainy over his actions, she created a mental block within herself, preventing her from travelling again into the future and seeing the Legionnaires.

Following the death of Superman, there began to be Superman sightings everywhere. Investigating them, she discovered Steel, Superboy, Eradicator and the Cyborg. When Cyborg proved evil, and destroyed Coast City, she teamed with the other Supermen, and her team mate in the JLA Hal Jordan, and together, they were able to defeat the Cyborg. She later convinced Superboy to sell the rights to the Superman name back to Superman's Legacy -- A charitable organization dedicated to Superman's name. In turn, she took the boy under her wing on occasion and helped to make him the hero he is today. Later, she took him to visit the Fortress of Solitude, and allowed him to view records of Krypton's Clone Wars, she then gave Superboy his Kryptonian name of Kon-El, making him her cousin.

Soon, another tragedy struck. One of her best friends, Barbara Gordan was paralyzed in an attack made by the Joker. She is the only witness to the murder of the Joker, comitted by the Batman in his response to the evils done by the Joker. Unsure of her own scruples in the matter, she has yet to reveal her knowledge, but resigned from the JLA to avoid facing Batman.

Nearly three years later, an alien armada was spotted nearing Earth. The JLA, Titans, and other heroes went into space to stop them, leaving her behind with the child heroes to be Earth's defender. When the heroes didn't return, she settled into her role as Earth's protector. Soon after, she discovered the existence, and machinations, of the ancient exiled Kryptonian: Avatar. Beaten by the much stronger Avatar during her first meeting with him, she organized a team of heroes from Young Justice and with the aid of Kryptonite, went off to end Avatar's threat -- feeling personally responsible for the millions of lives lost when he detonated nuclear warheads in the Middle-East.

Once they successfully boarded the armada's warships, they discovered the missing heroes, some still hanging on, but many dead. With a plan concocted by Steel, she and seven others stayed and sent the ships through the timestream to Time's End -- themselves exiting the timestream long before with the aid of the new Batgirl.

Finding themselves in the Legion's century, and in a cosmos taken over by the insane Brainiac 5 (now 5.1), she assisted in freeing the people of the time from his rule. Intending to set things right, Brainy left Kara with a serum reputed to make her purely invulnerable, but for a short time only. He then returned to the time of Crisis, intending to fix his earlier mistake, and intending for Kara to take the serum and survive the blast that originally killed her, and later, Superman. Again, Brainy's plan failed, and this time he died along with Superman. Luckily, there doesn't appear to be any repercussions in the timestream. However, she and all others, had her time travelling capabilities stripped from her by the Time Trapper as a result of their constant endangering of the timestream.

Today Kara has returned to the JLA and continues her cousin's legacy of protecting her adopted homeworld.

Kara has very recently begun a romance with the time-displaced Legionnaire Karate Kid. The two of them are currently expecting their first child. She has also changed her name to the more adult Superwoman, partly due to "girl" and pregnancy together could be seen as a poor example to the world youth.


Supergirl's body acts like a living power cell under a yellow sun. Te powers have steady developed as she has gotten older on Earth. SH epossesses vast strength, and her body is nearly indestructable. She can see and hear over vast distants limited only by the speed of light and sound. Supergirl can also see in microscopic detail and through things except lead. She also has heat vision. Supergirl can also move at super human speed and has the ablity to fly. However she does need her own oxygen supply in places with no oxygen. She is vulnuralbe to magic and to Kryptonite radation. She also of course can be hurt by people of her power level.