Karate Kid

Name: Val Armorr of Earth.
Occupation: Legionnaire,Young Justice (former), Justice Leaguer
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Queen Projectra of Orando (wife, deceased), Kirau Nezumi (father), Valentina Armorr (mother), Sensei (adoptive father)
Base of Operation: Orando, JLA Watchtower
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Val, named for his mother, Valentina, who died shortly after he was born, was the only son of Kirau Nezumi, a Japanese super-villain also known as the Black Dragon. Japan's "siuper-hero," the Sensei, killed Black Dragon, then promised to raise the villain's son as his own, teaching him not only the martial arts but also an appreciation for more peaceful pastimes such as sculpting and painting. Val grew up in Japan, later moving to Metropolis to join the Legion. He viewed it as a challenge: how to make himself, a non-powered human, into a Legionnaire. By that time, he had established a proficiency in all forms of hand-to-hand combat and hand weaponry, with a special talent for karate. Focusing on this self-created super-karate, he tried out for the Legion on the eve of the Khund invasion and was accepted along with Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad and Nemesis Kid.
Successful in his Legion career, he eventually served as leader for one half-year term. He and Projectra fell in love and were married after Val took a trip back to the 20th Century to prove his fortitude to her father. Val and Projectra left the Legion and moved to Orando, staying away from super-heroics until the LSV invaded that world. Karate Kid was severely beaten by Nemesis Kid, then nearly died trying to destroy a device the villains had erected to shunt Orando into another dimension.

Since that time, Val and Projectra both rejoined the Legion as active members. Projectra was a part of Brainiac 5's first failed attempt to change history and save Supergirl from death during Crisis. While, Brainy succeeded, Projectra was one of ten Legionnaires to perish as a result. Soon after, Brainy used the Miracle Machine to take over the UP, but left his team mates unmolested, the surviving Legionnaires, including Val, banded together to try and overthrow him.

While on a training mission, Val and a group of cadets were attacked by COMPUTO, as a result, Val, Chlorophyll Kid and Rebound found themselves transported to the 20th Century, where all three joined Young Justice. As a member of Young Justice, Val helped to overthrow Avatar'a alien armada, and then travelled to the 30th century and helped overthrow Brainy. As a result, he, and more Legionnaires again found themselves trapped in the 20th century, with all possible forms of time travel de-powered by the Time Trapper. Val is now a member of the JLA, and has begun plans to train his team mates in unarmed combat.

Powers and Skills

Val learned from childhood every known form of unarmed combat and mastered most of them, making himself a "living weapon" specializing in his self-created "super-karate." He also studied the fighting techniques of every new world he encountered, devising defenses and attacks to use against them. He even adapted several moves for specific use with a Legion flight ring. Despite having no real super-power, he proved his worth by single-handedly fighting foes such as the Fatal Five. He trained many of his fellow Legionnaires in various types of hand-to-hand combat.