Real Name: Deborah ("Debbie") Perkins
Other Aliases: Deep Blue
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Blue
Age: Late Teens/Early 20's
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Atlan (Biological Father), Miya Shimada (Tsunami, Mother), Neptune Perkins (Legal Father) Orin (Aquaman, Half-Brother), Orm (Ocean Master, Half-Brother, Deceased) Koryak (Nephew)
Birthplace: Presumably Atlantis
Area of Ops: Poseidonis .
Occupation: Adventurer
Special Powers/Abilities: Can greatly increase the size and strength of any creature able to live underwater, ranging from microscopic to obvious, and control it into doing her bidding. She can also communicate with sea life. Years of living underwater have also given her enhanced strength, sight, and other hightened senses.


Believed to be the daughter of former 1940's heroes and Young All-Stars Netpune Perkins and Tsunami, Indigo is an established and trusted ally of Aquaman and Tempest. She first met them in an assembly of underwater heroes that her mother was a part of. Later still, she helped Aquaman face his long-standing foe Black Manta, and help rescue the King from Lady Maxima.

Indigo continued to help the undersea heroes as much as she possibly could. For a time, she became the object of Koryak's desires, however she never really felt the same way. She would later flirt with the King Orin himself, until she found out that she was also the child of Atlan (making the King - Aquaman - her brother). Startled by the revelation that Perkins was not her true father, Indigo followed Atlan into his magical dimension. Aquaman and Tempest could only watch Indigo jump through the portal before it closed behind her.

Debbie eventually left Atlan's realm and returned to Poseidonis, just in time to get caught up in Ocean Master's latest attack. Although she was initially captured, Indigo would help Aquaman and the Titans face down Ocean Master's army. She even followed an escaping enemy General to Peru, where she would try to take him down with help from some new friends - the Watchmen.