The Ray

Alter Ego: Raymond C. Terrill
Occupation: Hero, Freelance computer programmer
Known Relatives: Happy Terrill (father a.k.a the golden age Ray), Thomas H. Terrill (uncle, deceased), Henry Terrill (third cousin) , Joshua Terril ("Spitfire," half-brother), Strafe (unknown relation)
Group Affiliation: Watchmen (current), Doom Patrol (former), Forgotten Heroes (former) JLA (former) Justice League Task Force (former)
Base of Operations: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

When Raymond Terrill was born, his father worried about the dangerously high levels electromagnetic energy that his infant son possessed. The worries of Raymond's father Happy Terrill (a.k.a the original Ray) were only increased after remembering an old prediction that foretold that Happy's children would enivitibly face the powerful being known as the "Light Entity." Therefore, as a means to protect his son, Happy gave the child to his brother. In an effort to prevent extra grief, Happy told his wife that their child had died from the high-energy levels he possessed.

From a very young age, Raymond was told that he was light-sensitive, and that exposure to light would kill him. He was raised until his teen years by his uncle, Thomas, and was privately taught by nuns in a blacked-out home. Raymond felt confined in his home, and constantly escaped late at night whenever he could. It wasn't until Thomas died that Raymond learned the truth about his real parentage. Ray's cousin Hank later stepped in and helped him through Ray's first exposure to light. The light activated his metahuman powers, and at the urging of Hank and Happy Terrill (as the original Ray), Raymond decided to use his abilities as a super hero.

As The Ray, Raymond became a member of a new Justice League of America, and also worked in a "partnership" with the Black Canary. Ray also became a member of the JLA Training team known as the Justice League Task Force. Ray stayed with the League until the new "Big Seven" team took over. Ray also briefly became a member of the loose-knit Forgotten Heroes.

After the Avatar fiasco, The Ray once again became an active member of the heroing community. Not feeling comfortable with the JLA or the Titans, Ray has taken up membership in the new Doom Patrol as a spy for the Justice League, and has since abandoned them due to moral differences and taken up residence with the Watchmen.

Powers and Abilities

Ray Terrill's power is solar-powered. Once his body absorbs sunlight, he can direct the energy to rearrange molecules into any form, matter or energy. Storing sunlight, he can even function in darkness for a limited amount of time. The only limitations to this ability lie in his capacity for concentration and the duration of his energy expulsion. Flight, energy blasts, and hard light creations require only minimum power and subliminal thought. Larger and more complicated manipulations of energy and matter require extended meditation and more power. The color black is most resistant to Ray's power.