Alter Ego: Hero Cruz
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single (Yet semi-involved with an an alien named Leander)
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation: L.E.G.I.O.N., Young Justice, The Ravers
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Base of Operations: Space, Metropolis (home), The Event Horizon (Intergalactic Rave)

Profile written primarily by Nik Stanosheck


Not much is know about the life of Hero Cruz before he came to the Event Horizon. He had no superpowers of his own but had somehow obtained the "Archilles Vest" which enabled him to create a powerful force-field. Later during a battle against the Scavenger, who stole Hero's vest, Hero came across the legendary "H-Dial" which he has worn ever since.

Recently, Hero Cruz of the young heroic Ravers discovered Vicki's H-Dial among a number of articacts stolen by the Scavenger (the second villain of that name), a collector of weapons. Hero adopted the Dial as his own since the Scavenger had stolen his former source of super-powers, the Achilles Vest. Hero defeated the villain under the identity of "Human Justice". Shortly afterwords, Vicki came back, looking for her Dial. As she touched it, however, she lost her powers and was restored to normal, At this time, she remains puzzled and disoriented, unsure what to do with her life. Hero is currently still using her H-Dial as his source of power.

After the battle at Qward, Hero publicly came out of the closet and revealed to all the Ravers of his homosexuality. *He also began having trouble with fellow Raver, Sparx who never forgave him for "becoming" gay. *At this point he started to form a relationship with another homosexual Raver named "Leander" and they have since become something of an item. Hero was always the really nice guy in the group, and seemed to have a knack for getting in really unlucky predicaments.

Most recently, Hero tried on as a temporary member of Young Justice, but quit shortly after Aura was wounded by the Executioner, vowing to assist them if they ever needed his help in the future. This vow, and Sensor Boy's belief that the randomality of his powers may prove useful in saving Valor, led to Hero's accompannying Valor into space.


The H-Dial that Hero is currently using as his source of power enables him to become a new super-hero with a different super-power every time they dial the letters H-E-R-O. As he transforms, he also get instant knowledge of their powers and their "super-hero name".