Full Name: Cameron Chase
Occupation: Investigator of the Supernatural
Known Relatives: Terry Chase (Sister), Walter Chase (Father, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Department of Extranormal Operations
Base of Operations: DEO Northeast Regional HQ, New York City
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green


Born and raised in New York City, Cameron Chase's life has involved super human beings since the day she was born. Chase's father Walter was the little known hero named the Acro-Bat. Unbeknownst to her, her father was the leader of a small group of heroes known as the Justice Experience. The Experience had fair success fighting small battles in New York. However, the group's exploits had a tragic turn. During a battle with the House of Pain and the Justice Experience, a young woman named Caroline Anders was accidently killed. Caroline's boyfriend, Larry Trapp, blamed the Experience for her death, and sought revenge on the heroes. Trapp discovered the home address of the Acro-Bat, and killed the hero on sight. Cameron discovered her father's body soon after.

This event caused Cameron to grow up resenting all super heroes, but was obsessed with them at the same time. Cameron attended Berkeley University in California, and after graduation, stayed to become a private detective. Her experiences intorduced her to Knob, a homeless man interested in the occult and supernatural. On their first case together, they aided Klarion the Witch Boy in locating his body, held by the Cult of the Broken Circle. She later worked a case involving current All-Star member Air Wave.

Chase later became affiliated with the DEO, a metahuman investigation agency. With the DEO, Chase encountered the Suicide Squad, the Titans, and Batman. Chase almost discovered the identity of the Batman, but it was tricked into believing that Batman was really Alan "Sentinel" Scott. She decided not to report her discovery despite.

More recently, Chase became worked a case involving the then believed deceased Martian Manhunter. Chase was able to uncover several of the Manhunter's world identities, and revealed her findings to the world. Chase currently lives in Brooklyn, with her boyfriend Peter Rice and her sister Terry.

Powers and Abilities

Chase is an incredible investigator and detective. She is very skilled in the art of computer hacking, and is quite dangerous with a handgun. It is also believed that she has the metahuman ability to dampen the abilites of other superhumans around her.