Though Trigon ruled his dimension by young adulthood, something was missing from his life: an heir. Every woman that Trigon seeded ended her life to prevent his power from spreading... until an earthling named Arella entered the equation. A drifter, Arella was involved in a satanist ceremony to summon Trigon to earth. In Arella, the cult knew they had found Trigon a mate. Amid bright stars and whirling comets, Arella's union with the most golden of gods was consummated. Only then did Trigon reveal his true form. at last, the universe would be his.

Trigon destroyed the cult and returned Arella to earth. Depressed and homeless, Arella found herself in an abandoned alley with thoughts of suicide when a portal of light appeared. a robed figure emerged and offered his hand. Without hesitation, Arella gave hers and entered. Destination: Azareth. Azar welcomed Arella to her pacifist society and made her comfortable in the last days of her pregnancy. Azar named Arella's infant Raven, who soon became Azar's apprentice. Raven learned many of the mystic arts, teleportation and to separate her soul from her body. Upon Azar's death, Raven received Azar's golden rings.

At 13, Raven first encountered Trigon, who asked Raven to rule by his side. Put off by his evil, Raven said no. When Trigon threatened Arella, Raven unleashed her soul self, the ultimate expression of her power and that which made her the demon's daughter. Over the next few years, Raven prepared for Trigon's return. Seeking allies, Raven turned to the Justice League. But the League's leader, the sorceress Zatanna sensed an evil within the empath and cast her away but not empty handed. Raven had learned of the League's proteges. Raven planted a vision of a new group of heroes in Robin's mind and with his help, along with Wonder Girl, Changeling, Kid Flash, Starfire and Cyborg, they formed a new Teen Titans.

Though Robin tried his best to mold the heroes into a team, the Titans failed when they faced Trigon, forcing Raven to surrender herself. with Arella's help, the team followed and, coordinated by Robin, the Titans banished Trigon into a dimensional prison. Raven remained with the team to explore her feelings for Kid Flash, who she had influenced into joining, but the empath's dark side was growing. During a battle in the Vegan system, Raven lost control and barely held off Trigon. Back on earth, Raven was used by the Brotherhood of Evil to attack Kid Flash and deliver them to the source of brother blood's power. When the Titans' rescue attempt failed, Raven summoned forth her full power and lashed out at the Brotherhood. Only Wonder Girl was able to bring her back.

Out of fear and conflicting priorities, Kid Flash resigned and was replaced by Terra, the Terminator's spy. Raven sensed evil but whose was it ? Could she have prevented terra's tragic end? in the loneliness between dimensions, Raven wept. Even on the proudest days, the wedding of Donna Troy, all Raven could do was watch. Raven decided to it was time to bid her friends farewell, but Jericho took matters into his own hands. Jericho possessed Raven and journeyed to Trigon's prison. Trigon punished the mute, crushing his bones, melting his skin, damning him to a thousand deaths until Raven interceded. His ploy had worked: Trigon had his daughter. The only trace of Raven left: Azar's rings.

With the help of Lilith and Kid Flash, the Titans traced Raven to Azareth. They arrived too late and Azareth was destroyed. When the team returned to earth, Raven attacked. Each Titan faced their dark side and lost. But in a turnabout, the Titans cleansed themselves by slaying Raven. Enraged, Trigon prepared to destroy the earth. Azar, working through Lilith, ordered that her rings restored to Raven's body. Energized by Azar, Raven unleashed her soul self, flowing with the power that of Azareth. Trigon fell before this purifying force for good (unknown to the Titans, however, Jericho had been tainted by Trigon's energy). Raven rose from the ashes of Titans Tower, smiled at Kid Flash and disappeared.

Sensing Raven alive, Arella found her captured in a remote swamp village, where she was forced to use her healing power on its inhabitants. Set to rescue her, Arella was captured by Brother Blood, who brainwashed Raven (and through her, Nightwing) into his service. With their founders in jeopardy, Wonder Girl rallied the Titans, past and present, to free Nightwing and Raven. in disgust that she had been used again, Raven avenged herself by blasting Brother Blood's mind. Thanks to Azrael, his winged alien disciple, Brother Blood escaped.

Due to their time in captivity, Raven believed she and Nightwing loved each other but a heart to heart talk with Starfire set her straight. Raven then found herself in the thrall of scourge, a bloodthirsty villain with ties to the cosmos and the Greek gods. Again, she found herself used and again, her teammates struggled to free her. Raven next countered Eric Forester, an evil mutant cyborg who used her to feed on her emotions. Thanks to Jericho, Raven survived.

On the eve of their anniversary, the Titans were attacked by the Wildebeests, a group consisting of former hive members and secretly led by Jericho. Save for Nightwing, the Titans and some associates were captured. Aided by a ragtag band of allies, Nightwing located his teammates just as Jericho unveiled his master plan: to infuse the captured Titans with a corrupted soul from Azareth. In the midst of the battle, Raven and Jericho lost their lives. Finally, it seemed, the chapter in the team's struggles against Trigon was closed. alas, it was not so.

Nightwing and Starfire's wedding had an unexpected guest: Dark Raven. Determined to complete Jericho's mission, Raven managed to plant a Trigon seed in Starfire before she was repelled. (Unknown to Raven, however, Starfire received a portion of Raven's pure soul). To regain control, Starfire underwent a Tamaranean ritual which restored her warrior status. Starfire returned to her home in time to help combat a new threat from the Psions (who were being aided by Raven). Starfire travel led back to earth with Cyberion, a computerized being who had evolved from Cyborg) and returned with the Titans, along with Changeling, within whom Raven had planted a Trigon seed, but they were to late. Tamaran was destroyed.

In a cataclysmic battle, Starfire confronted Raven with the pure portion of her own soul. Dark Raven's destruction restored Changeling and gave birth to a new Raven who existed as an astral form. The Titans returned home except for Raven, who stayed with the Tamaranians to help them find a new planet and Changeling, who sought to discover how much of Victor Stone was in Cyberion. Months later, from distant outer space, Starfire witnessed the Sun Eater destroy New Tamaran. Raven since played a key role in assisting the Titans reformation in order to save Cyborg from insanity.