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Wonder Woman


Real Name: Diana
Occupation: Ambassador
Base of Operation: Gateway City
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Family: Queen Hippolyta A.K.A. Wonder Woman I (Mother)

Group Affiliation Justice League of Americas (former, previous universe), Teen Titans (former, previous universe), Justice League (current, this universe)

As men continued to wage war, often taking women into slavery as the spoils of war, Aphrodite grew to resent this treatment of women, and decided to correct the situation. With her own hands she sculpted a new race of females of strength and called them Amazons.

Hippolyte, was selected to be their Queen, Aphrodite bestowed on her a magic girdle that endowed its wearer with superhuman strength, far beyond that of any man. When any army of men attacked, the amazons they were soundly defeated. This enraged Ares and he argued with Aphrodite that she had no right to interfere with the mortals, by making women stronger than men. Aphrodite ignored him; Ares then in retaliation devised a plan to bring about the downfall of the Amazons. Ares convinced Hercules to go to Earth disguised as a mortal and challenge the Queen of the amazons to a duel.

Hippolyte accepted the challenge, armoured herself accordingly, and beat Hercules. Hercules then befriended the Queen offering to hold a banquet in her honour as a friendship gesture. Hippolyte quickly agreed to this for she had fallen in love with Hercules. Later, after the banquet Hercules asked Hippolyte about her strength, she told him about her magic girdle and even foolishly removed it so that he could touch it. Hercules immediately seized the girdle, effectively de-empowering the Queen, he then rounded up all the Amazons and chained them. While being led away as a prisoner, Hippolyte prayed to Aphrodite for help, pleading for forgiveness. Aphrodite answered the prayer and broke the chains, but insisted that she continue wearing the wrist bracelets as a reminder of what could happen to an Amazon if she submitted to a man. Hippolyte recovered the girdle, and then overcame her male captors and led the amazons to freedom. The Amazons boarded a ship and guided by Aphrodite sailed to a distant island hidden by clouds, Themyscira. There, the Amazons built their paradise, to live in peace, hidden form the eyes of men.

Centuries passed and men continued to wage war on one another, Themyscira however remained hidden. The Amazons aged slowly, but as time passed Aphrodite realised that without men, there would be no children born for the ensuing generations. To continue the Amazon family Aphrodite granted Hippolyte the ability to precisely recreate the human form in clay. Aphrodite upon admiring the queens' first sculpture of a baby girl, breathed life into it bringing to existence Diana. Diana grew to be the strongest of all the Amazons.

One day at the islands beach Diana found the wreckage of an aeroplane, and within it the unconscious body of a mortal man. Diana rescued him and proceeded to nurse him back to health. Hippolyte foreseeing complications insisted that the man return to his own world. Meanwhile in the heavens Ares and Aphrodite continued their quarrel, Ares boasted that his theories were correct as men had now been warring for centuries, Aphrodite agreed, but said that they would soon stop when she sent a warrior to stop this war.

Aphrodite appeared in a dream to Hippolyte and instructed to send her most powerful warrior, a champion, back to the man's country. A contest was then held, to see who was the most powerful Amazon, Diana easily won all the contests. To aid her in her battles, Diana was given a costume to wear (based on the designs of the plane wreck), an invisible airplane and a magic lasso that allowed only truth to be told by whomever held it. Diana was also given a pair of bracelets to wear, forged by Hercules to remind her of her Amazonian responsibilities. Therefore, Wonder Woman was born.

During her time in our world Diana does not use a secret identity. She works as a visiting lecturer at the Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities. Wonder Woman also serves as a member of the newly formed Justice League of America. When the forces of the Avatars threathed the existence of the Earth, the JLA were on the forefront of battlefield. As a consequence, they suffered heavy causalities. Diana was included in the numbers of those who were killed in action battling the forces of the Avatar.

Recently, as Impulse attempted to re-create the universe as Robin-lax saw fit, and magical demonic portals, Diana, along with a score of other dead heroes, were found to be alive and well, though it appears many of them, Diana included, may be survivors from a different universe, brought to this one as a result of Impulse's actions - an appearance validated by certain large inconsistencies in this Diana's memories and experiences from that of natives to this universe.

"Diana developed under the doting eyes of a thousand mothers, all of whom were enchanted by the child and lavished her with love and affection. As Diana grew older, she excelled in all endeavors. She was a scholar, an athlete, and a skilled warrior. Above all else, she had a natural wisdom and harmony with life."

Combat skills - Diana is skilled warrior and is as capable in melee combat as in unarmed combat. Her favored melee weapons are the battle-axe and the sword. If not using her shield Diana is able to use two weapons at a time. The bow and the javelin are her missile weapons of choice. Diana dislikes modern firearms.

In unarmed combat Diana has mastered Amazon wrestling, something akin to Greco-Roman wrestling, and an Amazon martial arts style, that relies on strength and speed. The style concentrates equally on defense and offence.

Diana is also able to use her bracelets to deflect incoming missiles, be they thrown or fired from a gun, with amazing ability.

Diana does not have any qualms of using her weapons in combat. Diana comes from a culture that reveres life but one that does not preclude killing when necessary. If an innocent person is threatened and no alternatives seem apparent, Diana will skillfully and efficiently destroy her foe.

Athletic skills - Almost from the moment she learned to walk, Diana has been trained in various physical endeavors requiring strength and agility. As a result, she is fit and athletic, specially versed in the classical disciplines of running, throwing, jumping and swimming.

Lately Diana has learned to enjoy dancing.

Interaction Skills - together with her Enthrall ability Diana can be very persuasive if need be.

Scholarly skills - Wonder Woman speaks fluently Ancient Greek, Themysciran, Latin, and to a lesser extent English. She is well versed in ancient history, but is almost completely uninformed of current world history.

Arcane Skills - as the Amazon culture is built on "magic" Diana has some knowledge of the Arcane Arts.

Hunting skills - Wonder Woman is a superb tracker and hunter. Being also an accomplished archer would make it easy to hunt for food. That, however, is rarely needed.

Technological skills - Diana is not good with computers having only been in contact with such technology a short time. She is no longer looking for the "any" key, though.

She has no driving license and does not know how to drive a car or fly a plane etc.. Her invisible-morphing-plane-thing-whatever responds to her mental or verbal commands.

Even after a few years among technology she is not comfortable with it.

Healing skills - As all amazons, Diana has received basic training in the healing arts (i.e. first aid), and in the mental discipline of meditation.

"The gods blessed the spirit, each god in turn imbuing it with a special gift. Demeter gave the spirit the everrenewing power and strength of the earth; Aphrodite, beauty and loving compassion; Athena gave wisdom; Artemis, a keen eye and empathy with animals; and Hestia gave the spirit sisterhood with the Fires of Truth, that people would always trust and speak truthfully to the new child. The full power of Hestia's gift would manifest later, when the god's granted Wonder Woman the Lasso of Truth. Hermes' gift to the spirit was that of superhuman speed and the incomparable gift of flight."

Superstrength - In Patriarch's World, on her own world, Diana never met her match. With the Gauntlet of Atlas, it is safe to say that she is the strongest hero around, even in this new world.

Invulnerability / Toughness - not as invulnerable as Superwoman, but can take a lot of damage before faltering.

Endurance - when mortal men fall due to exhaustion, Diana keeps going. And going.

Enthrall - using her natural beauty Diana can charm people. The charming ability is of minor strength and can only be used to change slightly the target's disposition towards Diana.

Common Sense - Diana's wisdom and intuition allows her to know what is wrong and what is wise and right.

Enhanced Senses - sight, hearing, taste and smell.

Animal Empathy - She has a special rapport with animals and is able to calm and befriend them.

Flight - the power to soar among the clouds on her own accord.

Superspeed - which she so far is able to use only when moving (running, swimming or flying. She has yet to master the ability to use it in combat.

The tiara is golden and has a star engraved on its front. Not evident, but the tiara has other uses than being an ornament; it can also be used as a razor-sharp throwing weapon.

Diana's bracelets were created from Zeus' aegis, an impenetrable shield from the primordial goat-goddess Amaltheia. It was this goddess who wet-nursed Zeus and provided the binding energy which created Mount Olympus. Diana can use her bracelets to deflect attacks aimed at her, thus either reflecting/negating the attack completely or lessening its force.

Lasso of Truth
Diana's Lasso of Truth was forged by Hephaestus from the Girdle of Gaea. It is considered unbreakable by man or god.

Gauntlet of Atlas
This mighty artefact has the power to multiply its user's strength by ten.

Sword, Battle Axe, Shield and Bow
These weapons were made by the smiths on Themyscira. Guaranteed not to break even under heavy use.

The Invisible-morphing-plane-thing-whatever

Weaknesses / Disadvantages
Due to Wonder Woman's origin, and especially the gift of Demeter, her powers are tied to the Earth. Consequently, a prolonged time in space starts to diminish her powers. This loss of power affects her strength, invulnerability and endurance. Her other powers and skills seem to be unaffected.

As long as Diana remains within the life-giving Gaea-sphere around the Earth, everything is ok. Diana seems also to retain her powers on the godly plane of Olympus.

The bond with the Earth is still not completely understood and would require more studying and empirical testing.

Contacts and Friends
On this new world, Diana has few contacts. The following people and organizations are those that she currently trusts, or counts as her friends: