Alter Ego: Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy Long
Occupation: Crime fighter
Martial Status: widow
Known Relatives: Dorothy Hinckley (mother, deceased), Fay Stacey Evans (adoptive mother), Carl Stacey (adoptive father, deceased), Cindy Evans (adoptive sister), Queen Hippolyta (adoptive mother), Princess Diana (adoptive sister, deceased), Terrance Arthur Long (husband, deceased), Jennifer Long (step-daughter), Barry Long (brother-in-law), Barry Long, Jr. (nephew),
Group Affiliation: Teen Titans, Titans
Base of Operations: Titans Tower, New York
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 123lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

History: The identity of Donna Troy's father has never been discovered. Her mother, however, was Dorothy Hinckley, of who little is known except that soon after Donna's birth, Dorothy discovered she had a terminal illness. Since she was alone in the world she took her daughter to Willowbrook Orphanage, and left her in the care of Elmira Cassidy, its director. Dorothy was then driven to the hospital by the gardener at the orphanage, where she died of cancer not long after.

Donna was adopted by Carl and Fay Stacey, loving parents who spent two years caring for her. Then Carl was killed in an accident at work. William Harrison, attorney for the orphanage, convinced Fay that she must return the child, since she could no longer support them both. (Fay later married Hank Evans and had two children by him.)

In fact unknown to Mrs. Cassidy, Harrison was running a child-selling racket. He was planning on selling Donna, and while waiting for the deal to be completed, his confederates kept her in a vacant apartment.

But a fire broke out in the building, before the deal was ever completed. Wonder Woman went to rescue any occupants left in the building, and brought Donna to safety. The couple who had been keeping Donna had died in the fire.

Wonder Woman tried to learn whom the child belonged too, but the only person who could have told her was Harrison, who had good reason to keep silent. Later he was convicted and sent to jail on baby-selling charges.

So Wonder Woman was appointed the legal guardian of Donna, and took her to live on Paradise Island. She was there adopted by Queen Hippolyta and treated as a princess of birth. The amazons gave her her powers. Each amazon sacrificed a small amount of her power for the young child, who was then infused with them using their advanced purple ray. She was then trained in all the ways of the amazons until she was a teenager.

When Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad formed the Teen Titans, their first recruit was Wonder Girl, as Donna had become know. At first she did not use a secret id but in time she came to realize she needed one. She took the name Donna Troy.

Donna eventually established a separate career for herself as a free lance photographer. She met and fell in love with Terry Long, and plan to marry him. However she did not want to go through with the wedding until she found out about her past. With the help of Dick Grayson, Donna discovered her past and was reunited with her adoptive mother Fay. She married Terry Long and later had a child with him. Both of whom later died tragically.

A wedding and many adventures later, Phoebe, Goddess of the Moon and a member of the Titans of Myth came to Earth to find Donna. Phoebe showed Donna that her memories of the times spanning from who rescued her from the fire as an infant to when she first donned a costume as Wonder Girl were false. Donna's true background became known to her.

Donna and the New Titans went to New Chronus, home of the Titans of Myth. After resolving a crisis involving other Titan-trained "Seeds," she was given a new costume. To reflect the new knowledge of her origins and to honor the Titans of Myth, she changed her name to Troia.

Donna herself was believed among the fallen during Avatar's first assault upon Earth. Unbeknownst to earth's other heroes she survived, but in the mental thrall of Jericho's ghost. After, while controlled, helping Jericho defeat the Titans (atrocities while under his control include torturing Firestorm and broadcasting sexual acts of various Titans across the internet) she is returned to her senses by Nightwing and Jesse Quick and has regained her heroic status and membership on the Titans.

After being released from Jericho's hold, many of the Titans become suspicious of her true motives. She learns of a car accident that has killed Terry, Jennifer Long (his daughter from Marcia) and little Robert. This loss strikes a huge blow to Donna's personal life. Donna has become a bit jaded compared to her usual upbeat and personable self. She developed a dry humor and confronting personality. Moreover, the marriage between Dick Grayson and Jesse Quick unnerves her to no end.

Powers/Weapons: Wonder Star has a lasso and wears bracelets, which she can use to repel bullets and other weapons. She can glide on winds for a time and is a superb hand to hand combatant. Donna has also developed various psychic powers, including abilities with generating forcefields and light.

Donna retained all her natural god-given abilities from the Titans of Myth including flight, super strength, force field management (including physical control of the fields similar to the Invisible Woman in the Marvel Universe)and the utilization of natural sunlight from her hands. She is also able to project, on willing subjects, a kind of mind-reading projection of memories similar to telepathy.