Alter Ego: Gabrielle Doe (name legally changed; formerly Marissa Barron)
Occupation: Hero, Wealthy Businesswoman
Martial Status: Single
Group Affiliation: The Outsiders
Base of Operations: Bludhaven
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

HISTORY: When Violet Harper was murdered while fleeing from the assassin called Syonide, her dying body was probed by a sentient light force from another dimension, one of the virtually immortal Aurakles. To its surprise, the Aurakle found itself trapped in Violet Harper’s body as the dominant intellect. The shock of this transition robbed the young woman of all memories, and she chose for herself the name Gabrielle Doe. Under the training of her friend and fellow hero Katana, Gaby joined with other costumed adventurers and became an Outsider. Calling herself Halo (because of the glow that surrounded her body when she used her powers), she remained a member throughout every incarnation of the team. She eventually became the legal ward of Tatsu Yamashiro (a.k.a. Katana).

During one adventure, things turned fatal when Halo's Violet Harper persona was shot and killed. The Aurakale light force had no choice but to possess the body of Marissa Barron, divorcee of the wealthy Geoffrey Barron. At first, Gaby had a difficult time adjusting to her new older body, but over time she learned to accept it.

Most recently, Gaby has legally changed her name once again to Gabrielle Doe and has moved to Bludhaven to start life anew with the latest incarnation of Outsiders.

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Halo retains certain abilities from her former state as an Aurakle. She can generate glowing halos around herself, each of which corresponds to a different color of the spectrum and gives her a different power.

Red: Heat Blasts
Orange: Force Blasts
Yellow: Brilliant Light
Green: Stasis Beam
Blue: Distortion Effect
Indigo: Tractor Beam

Any of these halos enables her to fly, including a white halo, which generates no other ability. Halo’s Aurakle self is permanently bonded to her human body and is susceptible to all mortal limitations.