Real Name: Michelle Carter
Occupation: Adventurer from the 25th Century
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unnamed Mother (presumed deceased), Michael John Carter (Booster Gold, twin brother), Unamed Aunt
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

History: The success of Booster Gold promted his then agent, Dirk Davis, to decide that there should be a female counterpart to his client hero.Hiring Jack soo, the super hero suit was built and used by Booster's secretary, Trixie Collins.

When Booster went back to his native 25th century, he brought his twin sister Michelle back with him. Trixie renounced being a super hero. Michelle went cross-country, bringing the Goldstar suit with her. From time to time, she found the need for Goldstar's power and became the new Goldstar. During a trip to Dimension X, she aided Booster and was captured. In the nick of time Booster rescued her, and they stopped the invasion. As they were leaving, she left Booster's force field to re-open the portal back to Earth. In less than a heart beat a loosened chunk of the ceiling fell slicing a vital power cable striking her and ensuing an explosion. Booster was propelled through the portal, with the only remembrance of his sister, a shredded part of her costume bearing the insignia. Not long after he and the entire JLI along with Trixie and Dirk, attended the funeral. Booster felt that his sister belonged in the future and her death shouldn't be marked with a headstone 500 years before her birth. Doctor Fate (ll) then placed the marker in a different realm, a place where it would be forever safe "from the ravages of time."

It's since been learned that she didn't die in the explosion, but rather was transported to another realm where she became a prisoner of the Dominion and has since been rescued by Young Justice.
Goldstar Suit: Goldstar's powers are based on magnetic attraction and repulsion. She can fly by focusing her magnetic power on a distant object and attarxt or repel objects and her foes.