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Real Name: Jeremy Kord
Known Relatives: Ted Kord (Uncle), Gregory Kord (Father), Julie Kord (Mother), Tanya Kord (sister, 9)
Base of Operations: Happy Harbor, RI. New York, NY.
Occupation: Trouble Maker. Has occasionally showed up at school.
Group Afflitian: Presumably Young Justice
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 16
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Powers: Ability to sense danger. He can sense threats to himself and threats to the world around him. The bigger the threat the greater the impact on Trouble. On occasion he has been drawn to trouble spots, sometimes the trouble comes to him.

He can also misdirect trouble coming at him. In other words, he can change the direction of an attack upon him, and sometimes redirect it towards the attacker.

He also has rather unusual luck.

History: As a little kid Jeremy was very mischevious. He was always getting into things where he didn't belong. He wasn't ever a bad kid, he didn't bully other children, in fact, he liked to make life hell for school yard bullies, but he consistantly would sneak into places and find himself in situations that he wasn't suppose to be in. One example is when at the age of nine he snuck to his uncle Ted's work place and found the secret lab of the Blue Beetle.

As he got old, Jeremy's ability to get himself into dangerous situations increased. Jeremy seemed to have a radar sense for such things. Ted checked out Jeremy at the age of 13 to see if perhaps there was a reason for Jeremy's bizarre bad luck. Jeremy had the metagene which was beginning to manifest itself with his puberty. Ted theorized that Jeremy had the ability to sense danger, among other things.

Over the last couple of years, Jeremy has been slowly developing his powers, and doing various heroic acts on a very small scale. Recently he learned that his uncle may still be alive, and has committed himself to saving him. Now he has stole... borrowed Ted's Beetle ship and the BB gun to go resuce his Uncle.

Personality: Jeremy is good natured, but very, very stubborn. He has also has that teenager mentality that he knows everything about the world already, so there is no point in telling him what to do. He isn't good at going to school, since he often let's himself be a slave to his powers. Ted Kord is the man that Jeremy respects most in the world, and would do anything to find him again.