Metal Man

Metal Man

Alter Ego: Tim Drake of Earth Two
Occupation: Superhero, former Nurseís Asst.
Base of Operations: JSA HQ, Gotham City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jack Drake (Father, Deceased), Janet Drake (Mother, Deceased), Doctor Robert Crane/Charles Grayson( Mentor/ Creator)
Group Affiliation: JSA
Eyes: non applicable
Hair: none.
Ht: Varible
Wt: 800 lbs.


Tim Drake was born into a prominent family. His father is the owner of "Drake Industries," one of Gotham's most important industries. That and a childhood respect for heroes. The Earth-2 Tim, however began to lose said respect as his parents argue about their next door neighborís, Commissioner Wanye, attack on superheroes. While Tim was a tad unsure of them, he still asked for the latest JSA action figures, til the Heroes left.

After the JSA left, things around Gotham started getting a little more dangerous. The super villains started getting bolder and bolder, then so called normal criminals started getting more dangerous. This lead to anarchy in Gotham with whoever was stronger ruling.

The Drakes money made them a natural target. Tim watched both his folks get gunned down in their own house for mere trinkets. Tim was barely able to escape with his own life and had to walk several miles to Gotham proper. He became one of the millions of homeless in the new, darker city.

Timís new home for several months was the Gotham Public Library. While he shared his new Ďhouseí with many others of the 2, 4 and 8 legged variety- he was the only one who read the books. Each day he brought books up to his fort, to save them from being burnt for heat. He read them to learn of heroes though out the ages. He read about Green Lantern, the Bat Family, the JSA, the Knights of the Round Table, and Robin Hood. Each night he asked ĎďWhere are you? Gotham needs you NOW.Ē And each morning, he knew that THEY hadnít come.

Until one morning, when he was told that the heroes had come back and FAILED. Tim asked his informer to take him to where the heroes had come back. He was brought to a horrid smelling pile-up of robots who had been destroyed by Hunterís army. For the first time since the JSAís trial, Tim had hope. He ran to the library, where he re-read all the All Star Squadronís stories with Robotman. He found out Robotmanís identity and that he had had his brain transplanted back into a human.

He used the detective skills he shares with his Earth-1 counterpart to figure where Doctor Grayson would have set up to make and run these robots. After finding Graysonís secret lab, Tim begged, pleaded, and argued that Dr. Grayson needed help and that Tim should be the helper.

Tim then got Dr. Grayson to realize that what was needed was some form of human intelligence. It was obvious that the Ďbots Grayson had created, couldnít out think the Penguin- let alone the smarter villains such as Huntsman and the Joker. With Timís help, Dr.Grayson created a controller to help co-ordinate the robots. Dr. Grayson also found time, to work on his pet project- a response-o-meter while Tim was helping him with other projects.

The controller is a great success. With it Tim is able to fight and beat some gang attacks. Then Tim decided to show some creativity, and argues with the Dr. that what they need is to stop reacting and start acting. Tim wants to start attacking the gangs. Dr. Grayson is a tad hesitant, but again gives into Timís words.

Without telling Grayson, Tim directs the robots to publicly kill the Joker. Tim decides without heroes, Gotham canít afford his kind of craziness. The Jokerís lieutenant Rag Doll, saw the set up and make sure that no one else of Jokerís followers stop Tim.

However after Jokerís death, Rag Doll was the first to call for Jokerís murderer to Ďdeep sixedí real quick. Rag Doll is able to create a patrol for Tim, and when the boy with the controller is found, Rag Doll moved in for the kill. Rag Doll beat and bleed Tim to near death and then left him for dead. Rag Doll was Very Happy that night.

Doctor Grayson was aghast when he heard Rag Dollís ranting on the two way radio connected to the controller. What scared him more was the fact that Tim never once screamed for help or in pain or say anything as he was beat. Doc sent the last robot he had with orders to bring Timís body back to the lab.

The response-o-meter was a project Dr. Grayson started right after he had his brain transplanted back into a human body. All of his years in Robotman, his biggest fear was that something would happen to his brain. So he started on the 'meter in case he ever needed Robotman again. Doctor Grayson then does what he feared he would have to do on the day he met Tim. He attaches his machines to Timís dying body and records Timís brainwaves- which he then puts in the response-o-meter.

Doctor Grayson then quickly decides to put the Ďmeter into a vat of Platinum and thus was Ďborní Metal Man.

Timís first act as Metal Man was to realize that he had handled the whole Joker thing wrong. While he is in no way sorry that he killed Joker, his pain( as he remembers each blow Rag Doll and his crew gave him) has made him understand that he should not be FIGHTING the bad guys, but PROTECTING the weak and hurt.

Metal Man then orders Doctor Grayson to pack up his equipment and move to the parking garage next to St. Alfredís. He then breaks into the K-Kill Radio Station( formally GBC ) and announces that St. Alfredís is hereby a haven for the hurt and off limits to the scum of the earth- thus swears Metal Man. He then goes onto say that he care not a whit what the villains steal or if they kill each other, just so long as they let the harmless unharmed. If they do this they will have no problems with Metal Man- thus swears Metal Man.

Metal Man has given up hoping for King Arthur to appear, his main concern now is to keep the hospital going for one more day!


Like the Metal Men of Earth-1, Metal Man has the ability to change his size and shape as he sees fit. As he is made from Platinum, one of the toughest metals, he is harder than many of his E-1 counterparts. He also seems to have the power( or desire) to change his appearance more than the other Metals( see APPEARANCE). His only drawback in shape is that his thinnest form must be thick enough to encompass his response-o-meter.


Tim Drake has some of the same detective skills as his Earth-1 counterpart. However he has spent more of his time honing his scientific skills helping Dr. Grayson as opposed to being taught by Bruce Wayne et al. Tim has very good knowledge of robotic systems, such as his own. He also has been taught by the nurses of St. Alfred basic tri-og and first aid techniques to help around the hospital. He also is learning city planning and what is needed to keep a hospital running in a constant warzone.


Tim has been known to change his looks based on his inward feelings or outside circumstances. Normally his face looks somewhat human with regular eye shape, lips,nose and lines for hair. In the childrenís ward, he has been known to add a bit of muscle definition and a few lines to create the appearance of shorts. In combat, or facing off with villains, he has been known to erase his face so that all he has is two dots for eyes and a line for his mouth. His voice will also change on his moods- either being quite Tim-like or robotic.