Green Lantern

ALTER EGO: Jennifer Lynn Hayden-Rayner
OCCUPATION: Adventurer
RELATIVES: Kyle Rayner (husband), Alexandria Rayner (daughter), Todd & Guy Rayner (sons), Alan Scott (father), Rose Forrest (mother, deceased), Todd Rice (brother, deceased), Julian and Myrna Hayden (adoptive parents), Aaron Rayner (father-in-law, missing), Maura Rayner (mother-in-law)
GROUP AFFILIATION: The Global Guardians
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5’3”
WEIGHT: 110 lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: Green (Brown as Jen)

HISTORY: Jenny Hayden enjoyed a normal childhood and adolescence until the green birthmark on her left palm began to pulse. The teen found herself possessed of a strange green power, similar to the energies used by Earth’s Green Lanterns. One result of the pulse was that it permanently altered her body, making her hair and skin green. Like a Green Lantern, her will power controls this energy, which she learned to channel through a variety of means.

The perky, idealistic Jenny practiced using her abilities but realized she required massive will power to use her powers effectively. Jenny recognized that she had the makings of a super-hero, took the name Jade, and designed herself a costume. Before making a public debut, she met another teen named Todd Rice, who had a similar birthmark. Together, they speculated that they were the children of Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern.

Rejected for membership by the JSA, Jade, Todd (calling himself Obsidian), and other young heroes formed a team called Infinity, Inc. Based in California, the group had a short but productive existence. It was during this time that she and Todd learned Alan Scott was their father, and their mother was Rose Forrest, the super-villain known as the original Thorn. Years earlier, Forrest, plagued by a split personality, gave up her twin children to different foster parents, withholding the information from Scott.

After Infinity, Inc. disbanded, the team members pursued their own destinies. Jade and Obsidian gave up super-heroics and turned their attention to providing special effects for various business interests. Jade also worked as a model and actress, but found her true passion behind the camera.

Moving to the East Coast to pursue studies in photography, Jenny met and fell in love with Kyle Rayner (a.k.a. Green Lantern) and eventually moved into his New York City apartment. After the destruction of New York during Bad Friday, Jade and Kyle moved to the West Coast where they birthed twins: Alexandria Wellington Rayner and Theodore Jonathan Rayner.

Recently, Kyle and Jenny have married and are expecting their third child. They are searching for a reliable nanny to care for the children during the times she is away with the Global Guardians while Kyle is on JLA missions. For now she has help from John Stewart, but she feels guilty relying on him so much.

POWERS & WEAPONS: Jade has a star-shaped green birthmark on her left palm, which, when she wills it, projects mystical green energy that she can mentally command to perform virtually any task. Her power pulse is an internalized version of Alan Scott’s mystic green energy. That energy acts in any form conceived by Jade, but requires intense concentration. If Jade is distracted, the energy weakens and dissipates.

Jade can fly, erect power shields, and perform most of the actions associated with Green Lanterns. Because her power pulse is self-renewing, she does not need to recharge her energy with a power battery.

If desired, Jade can use her power pulse to give herself a normal human appearance.