Alter ego: James Jesse (real name - Giovanni Giuseppe)
Known Relatives: Unnamed father and other members of the Flying Jesses, Billy Hong (son).
Occupation: Con artist, special effects designer
Base of Opperations: Keystone City, Kansas
Group Affiliation: former member of the Rogue's Gallery, now a member of the Watchmen

Giovanni Guiseppe, or James Jesse as he came to be known, was a circus acrobat and the youngest member of the Flying Jesses, a renowned group of arialists.

Unfortunately, young James harboured a fear that would normally spell the end of such a career, he was afraid of heights. To guard against this fear and still be able perform in the family act, he eventually invented his famous "Airwalker Shoes" (patent pending), which, as their name implies, allowed him to walk on air. Armed with this wonderous invention, James honed his skills as an acrobat, and continued with his inventing.

However, his arialist act was not enough and James eventually turned to crime in order to give himself greater thrills and challenges. Calling himself the Trickster, he began his career by holding up a few airplanes mid-flight. He eventually picked Central City as his new base, where he quickly ran afoul of the second Flash (Barry Allen) and found the thrill he needed in matching wits against a superspeed foe.

James eventually became part of the loose-knit band of criminals known as the Rogues Gallery, a group whose main mission was to make the Flash's life as miserable as possible and to make as much money as possible at the same time.

After Barry's death, James travelled to LA where he fought the Blue Devil several times, until that hero convinced him he could make a fortune in the movie business as a special effects artist. The Trickster became a part-time persona, taking up less and less time till he saw in the newspaper a quintuple obituary.

Five of his former cohorts, most of the Rogues Gallery, had died under very mysterious circumstances, and not in a battle with the Flash.

James decided, in order to honour the memory of the Rogues, to cruise for the biggest score ever. And he found it. He followed along when dozens of villians were invited to Hell by the demon Neron and offered tantilizing deals in exchange for their souls. Neron took a strange interest in James, and didn't even offer him a deal. As a result, James was the only one around who knew Neron's weakness without owing him anything, and so, almost single-handedly defeated Neron.

James has decided he'd better start earning some good karma, because he doesn't dare go to Hell and face Neron. He's still playing his con-artist games, but for the side of light instead of just personal gain.

Not long after he tricked the Devil, James agreed to help an old girlfriend, Mindy Hong, rescue her son Billy from warlords in the small Himalayan country of Zhutan. The warlords believed Billy to be the Majee, a human agent appointed by their god, Meshta. During the rescue it turned out that not only was Billy the Majee, but that he was also James' son.

James returned to the U.S. when he attempted to steal an artifact known as the Eye of God. The Eye of God was a hotly contested artifact being kept at a college library in the town of Manchester, Alabama, home town of Impulse. After a complicated game of "Who's got the Eye", which led to the arrest of a mobster, Trickster, with the help of White Lightning, returned the Eye to its rightful owner, a small church in Peru. This was a doubly good karmic deed, for Trickster was the one who originally stole the Eye from the church.

After many such good deeds, Trickster was approached by the vigilante known as Anarky. Anarky was putting together a team of costumed individuals who were known to walk on the darker side of the law in order to help him take down the United Nations sanctioned supergroup, the Doom Patrol. Seeing this as one of the ultimate ways to collect some good karma, Trickster joined the team which would come to be known as the Watchmen.

Skills and Equipment:
The Trickster's trademarks (aside from walking on air) are his biting sense of humour and a wide range of dangerous but harmless looking gadgets that he would use in his crimes. Some of the gadgets he uses have been liberated from his fellow Rogues. While trying to steal the Eye of God, Trickster was in posession of one of the Weather Wizard's weather rods, and he also has a couple of Mirror Master's mirrors.