Green Lantern

Secret Identity: Alan Ladd Scott
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Former broadcasting executive, Gotham Broadcasting Co.
Family: Former husband of Alyx Thorin/Rose Canton (The Thorn). Husband of Molly Mayne Scott (The Harlequin). Father of Jenny Lynn Hayden (Jade) and Todd Rice (Obsidian).
Residence: Gotham City
Joined JSA: Founding Member
Group Affiliation: JLA, Justice Society of America and All-Star Squadron

Green Lantern was present at the hearings in 1951 in which he, along with the rest of the JSA, was instructed to reveal his identity to the public and to submit to questioning by the committee. He declined and retired from active service with the JSA. During the following years, Alan Scott consolidated his efforts at the Gotham Broadcasting Company and rose to an executive position. In the early 1960's, the criminal known as the Reaper attempted to consolidate the criminal factions in Gotham City under his control. The Green Lantern emerged from retirement to address this menace but was critically injured in the fray. This led to a search by some newly re-active members of the JSA, but the Reaper had fled Gotham, not to return for many years. Green Lantern, along with several other JSAers, was captured by Vandal Savage in the early 1960's, only to be freed later by the combination of the Flashes of Earths One and Two. When the JSA resumed regular meetings shortly thereafter, Green Lantern returned to active membership. He soon encountered his Earth-One counterpart and maintained contact with him over the next several years.

Soon after returning to his return to active duty, Green Lantern's Man Friday, Doiby Dickles, retired to an alien world with a new bride. Also, many of the Golden Age enemies of Green Lantern emerged from inactivity, including the Icicle (JLA #21) and Solomon Grundy. Over the years, Green Lantern journeyed to Earth-One to participate in a variety of cases with the Justice League. In the later 1960's he joined with Hourman and Dr. Fate to battle Solomon Grundy. In the 1970's, The Psycho-Pirate used his powers to slowly influence Alan Scott, destabilizing his position at Gotham Broadcasting Co. Ultimately, his employment there was terminated. Alan Scott did not rejoin GBC, even once the involvement of the Psycho-Pirate was revealed. He later secured employment as an engineer in Garrick Labs in Keystone City. Soon afterwards, Scott began experiencing a series of malfunctions with his ring. This coincided with the possession of another man, who became known as the Green Dragon, by a fragment of the Starheart. The malfunctions were a result of Scott's own recent abuses of power under the influence of the Psycho-Pirate. Scott resolved these issues and battled the Green Dragon, during which a tree fell and crushed the Dragon, who was ignorant of the ring's weaknesses. In the Earth-One dimension, an alien called Zalaz had stolen the Starheart in an attempt to raise his beloved M'La from the dead. When confronted by both Green Lanterns as well as Green Arrow, he retreated into the Starheart itself to use its power and awaken M'La. M'la then became the guardian of the Starheart.

In the early 1980's, two new costumed adventurers, Jade and Obsidian, petitioned for membership in the Justice Society, claiming to be Alan Scott's childre. Scott was skeptical, but the issue was tabled while Green Lantern answered a call from Superman which resulted in his drowning in the river of Koehaha, the Stream of Ruthlessness. Green Lantern then attempted to take over the communications net of the entire Earth as the effects of the river uncovered his resentment at losing his communications business. Ultimately, the effects of the river summoned him back to the stream bed, and after a confrontation with the Ultra-Humanite, he was cured . Over the next few weeks, Scott negotiated a deal to restart his communications business in Los Angeles. At the same time, Infinity Inc had visited Tashima Island and recoved Rose Canton. Rose was the alter-ego of the Golden Age villainess the Thorn. As the tale unfolded, it was revealed that after her last visit to Paradise Island's rehabilitation facility in the early 1960's, Thorn had adopted the identity of Alyx Thorin. In this form, she had wed and became pregnant with two children by Alan Scott in a single-day marriage. On their wedding night, the Thorn re-emerged and started a fire that left Scott under the impression that Alyx was dead. When the Thorn confronted Scott and the grown children in 1984, Rose emerged and committed suicide, murderering the Thorn and saving her children. The Harlequin, a Golden Age villainess and secretly Scott's secretary, revealed her identity to Scott, and the two were married shortly thereafter. During the wedding reception, the Justice Society was swept into the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Green Lantern participated in the Crisis and returned to the newly-formed Earth at its conclusion.

Shortly thereafter, he joined the rest of the Justice Society in Limbo to forestall the coming of Ragnarok. While there, a brief "impression" of Alan Scott contacted the remaining three Green Lanterns on Earth and revealed the true nature of the Starheart, the origin of his ring. Yulan Gath, the GL of sector 2814 in ancient times had influenced earthly society and earned the reprimand of the Guardians. In his defeat, he plunged to earth, and the matter of his body and ring condensed to form the Starheart. The "impression" had no knowledge of the current location of Alan Scott, only that he was "fighting endlesssly." To defeat the demon Abraxis, The Spectre and Waverider rescued the JSA from Limbo, and Alan Scott returned to Earth. He returned to his wife and his membership in the Justice Society, becoming an active member. He again became director of his broadcasting company, under Molly Mayne-Scott's helm in his absence. He confronted familiar enemies such as Solomon Grundy and new ones, such as the new Harlequin. During his initial encounter with the Harlequin, Alan Scott mysteriously regained his youth. Though at first he thought this an illusion, it was revealed that the mind of Yulan Gath had been awakened in the Starheart and M'la had been tortured and slain. To tease Scott, the Starheart returned his youth and vigor and lured Scott and Torquemada, the mystic Green Lantern, to him. They engaged the Starheart, managing to contain some of his evil magical energy, but much of it, including the Starheart himself, had escaped. Upon his return to Earth, Zero Hour ensued, and Scott joined the Justice Society in the initial strike on Extant. Many of the JSA were slain in this assault, and all save Scott were aged to a great extent.

Scott's ring preserved him in the onslaught, and when he and the JSA retreated, he resigned himself to join his comrades in retirement. He turned his ring over to Kyle Rayner and ended his career as the Green Lantern. Following the memorial service for the fallen JSAers, Torquemada projected images of their dead forms to assault Scott and awaken within him the latent power of the Starheart. The emerald energy, it seems, had always been a part of Scott, and the ring had been used to focus it.

Fate has currently been linked with the successor of Doctor Fate, Jared Stevens the new Fate. As Fate slowly began to explore his powers, the mystics of the DC Unvierse banded together to see if Fate posed a threat to them and Earth, Sentinel was one of them. Sentinel and Fate have no friendship between them as Sentinel believes that Fate was the wrong person to inherit the powers of the original Doctor Fate. However on several occasions they have made an excellent team. The current Green Lantern asked Sentinel for advice on what it means to be a hero and to wear the ring but he soon learned that Sentinel now performs his tasks much different then he did when he was the original Green Lantern. Sentinel has even been used as a pawn against the new Fate by a Lord of Chaos.

Alan was among the heroes who battled Avatar the Kryptonian Conqueror in space. Along with Starman, Fire, Black Lightning, J'Onn J'Onnz, Mister Miracle, Atom, Zatanna, and Obsidian he was caught in an energy blast and nothing was left behind to provide clues to his fate.

Powers/Skills: Green Lantern's abilities stem from the possession of a ring carved from a magical green meteorite, the Starheart. This "power ring" can generate and focus a form of emerald energy into a variety of shapes as well as allow the holder to defy gravity. For example, Green Lantern can use the ring's energy to form bubbles and to transport objects/individuals within the bubbles, or the energy can form a giant hand that can lift or crush objects. The limits of variation are constrained only by Green Lantern's imagination and will power.

Weaknesses/Limitations: The single flaw in the power ring is that its energy is ineffective against wood. Items made of wood cannot be lifted or broken by energy from the ring nor can barriers of emerald energy stop projectiles crafted from wood. Furthermore, to date, Green Lantern has exhibited no sources of power other than the ring. Without it, he is merely mortal.