Geo Force

Alter Ego: Brion Markov, Prince of Markovia
Occupation: College Student
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives: King Viktor Markov (father, deceased), King Gregor Markov (brother), Tara Markov (half-sister)
Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes, The Outsiders (former), JLA (former)
Base of Operations: Markovia
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light-Red


When the usurper Baron Bedlam invaded the country of Markovia, Prince Brion was endowed with super-powers by the science of Dr. Helga Jace in an attempt to repel Bedlam. Prince Brion was aided in his efforts by several other super-heroes who later joined forces as the Outsiders. After Bedlam's attempt usurpation was put down, Prince Brion moved to Gotham City to better learn how to use his abilities under the tutelage of The Batman. He has most recently been elected into the roster of the JLA after showing true courage and skill in the battle against Avatar's armada

Due to personal differences between him and varied leading factions on the League, after Brion was sorely injured during the League's second confrontation with Avatar Brion was not invited back onto the team when it temporarily disbanded for restructuring. His sister Tara returned to Markovia to help nurse his wounds, and together, they've reformed the Forgotten Heroes (in name only), taking in the members Resurrection Man, Triumph and Blue Devil.

Powers and Weapons

According to Dr. Jace, Prince Brion received his abilities from the earth itself, and this his nom de guerre. These abilities include the power to increase or reduce the force of gravity, the power to propel blasts called "lava blasts", immense strength, heightening resistance, and increased endurance.