Real Name: Michael Alexander Carthonian
Other Aliases: Bandito, Rumble, Crusher
Home Planet: Earth
Occupation: Adventurer, Ex-Thief
Group Affiliation: New Titans
Base of Operations: Titan Tower, New York
Known relatives: Detective Zebrowski (uncle, deceased)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Left Hazel, Right Green
Age: 19


Escaped from a Chicago orphanage at the age of 12, leaving the three caretakers permanently deaf and many of the orphans hearing disable. The source of his powers is unknown, as long as he can remember he's been able to control sound. He lived on the streets until the age of 18, performing various cat burglaries for his financial gain. He was the leader of a pack of street kids called the Silent Extractors. During a bank robbery, a policeman on patrol happened to stop to deposit his check and found to quartet. Officer Darrin Guere fired two shots at Shockwave. Shockwave used his sonic blast on the bullets to destroy them, unfortunately the officer was standing directly in the path of the blast. He was slammed through the stone wall and across the street. The officer died as a result and Shockwave has never been able to forgive himself for killing him. Every month a check for $8000 is delivered to the officers family out of a trust account Shockwave set up for them. Shockwave has always lived a double lifestyle, one of fancy and luxury and one of street rat. He has always dreamed of being rich and having lots of money and living in a big home with a large family. To achieve this he worked for a short period for a coal excavating company. The company asked him to use his powers to break large pieces of coal down to a usable size. The first piece of coal he tried this with he used too much amplitude and the coal instantly turned into a diamond from the pressure. Shock Wave then renegotiated his contract with the company, to become a partner. The company built a sound proof room 20'x20'x20' and installed a stadium sized sound system and amplifier. After approximately ten minutes of absorbing the sound the speaker system was removed and Shock Wave released the sonic boom of his life, it left him a millionaire instantly. His stock options and the requirement that he work at least one day per month to keep the supply of diamonds up keep him financially backed. His new found money left him lonely and an outcast. He could not return to the streets and he was not the gentleman the rich expected him to be. He began to live two lifestyles, one of street rat and the other of a rich giving man. He would steal from the rich and give to himself, then give to his friends and orphanages. In the fall of 1998, a man approached Shockwave claiming to be his uncle. Shockwave spent thousands of dollars trying to disprove the man. The uncle claimed: "Shockwave's parents were killed by American Mafia". Shockwave was given to the orphanage at birth to keep him from being targeted by the Mafia. His uncle would still never divulge the last names of his parents and he himself was living under an assumed name. He warned Shockwave to never work for or with the Mafia for fear of his identity being revealed. Shockwave was visiting his uncle in New Orleans when members of Young Justice came to his door looking for his uncle. He went with them help fight the coming onslaught of vampires. He witnessed his uncle be torn to shreds by a vampire and was barely able to escape with the rest of the Team. He was then invited to join the New Titans. After leading the Titan extraction from the grips of Jericho

Powers and skills:

Shockwave is able to control, absorb, and amplify sound waves. He has a single sonic blast, a concentrated beam of pure sound and a large area attack called sonic boom. His sonic boom ability has been known to start earthquakes and activate volcanoes. At maximum amplitude the shock wave caused by his sonic boom is equivalent to the nuclear detonation at Hiroshima, without the radiation. Currently he is training to propel objects using his sonic blast without destroying them. He is hoping to be able to use objects as weapons or shields. He has mastered the use of sonic propulsion to fly and to create a sonic bubbly to move slowly move himself and a few others.