Green Lantern

REAL NAME: Kyle Patrick Rayner
OCCUPATION: Adventurer, Syndicated Cartoonist
RELATIVES: Jen Hayden-Rayner (wife), Alexandria Rayner (daughter), Todd & Guy Rayner (sons), Aaron Rayner (father, missing), Maura Rayner (mother), Alan Scott (father-in-law), Todd Rice (brother-in-law, deceased), Julian and Myrna Hayden (parents-in-law)
GROUP AFFILIATION: New Titans (former), JLA
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
EYES: Hair
HAIR: Black

HISTORY: Even before he became Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner seemed to have a talent for being in the right place at the right time. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he left his lower-middle class home at an early age to go out on his own. He won a college scholarship and primarily took art classes before dropping out of school twice.

One night, while at a dance club, Kyle stepped into an alleyway for a breath of fresh air. There, amid the vagrants and trash, Kyle met a short, blue-skinned man in a red dress who appeared in a swirling light. This was Ganthet, the last of the Guardians of the Universe - - the group who founded the Green Lantern Corps many millenna ago. Ganthet handed Kyle a green ring and, with a few cryptic words, disappeared. Kyle Rayner put on the ring and found himself wearing a Green Lantern uniform. Soon after, he was introduced to his assigned trainer, the only remaining Lantern: Guy Gardner.

Of Kyle's many girlfriends, none were as important to him as Alexandra DeWitt, a photojournalist with whom Kyle had an off-again/on-again relationship. Alex chided Kyle for being undisciplined and irresponsible, and somewhere inside him, Kyle knew she was right. He desperately wanted to be remembered after he was gone, to be someone, to make a difference - - not because he had an overblown ego, but because he'd seen so many friends settle for less than their dreams.

Soon after Kyle became Green Lantern, a shadow government agency, The Quorum, sent one of their operatives, Major Force, to find this new Green Lantern. Force found Alex instead and brutally murdered her. Kyle almost took out his revenge on Force, but was stopped by Quorum agents. After meeting former Green Lantern Alan Scott, who gave him some advice on being a hero and a quick Green Lantern history lesson, Kyle joined The New Titans, a group of young heroes, and met Donna Troy, a Darkstar who was part of an intergalactic police force. Although they developed a strong friendship, Donna ended the relationship after she learned that her ex-husband, son, and stepdaughter were all killed in an automobile accident. Giving his broken heart time to heal, Kyle remained a bachelor for a while, working odd jobs as a freelance artist until he sold his “City Dwellers” comic strip and became a syndicated cartoonist. He then found new love with the green-skinned Jade, Alan Scott’s daughter.

After the destruction of New York during Bad Friday, Kyle and Jade moved to the West Coast where they birthed twins: Alexandria Wellington Rayner and Theodore Jonathan Rayner. Recently, Kyle and Jenny have married and are expecting their third child.

Kyle is not only still learning how to use the ring, but also how to temper justice with mercy, that there are shades of gray in every seemingly black-and-white situation, and what it means to be the last Green Lantern. Through him, the green light still shines!

POWERS & WEAPONS: Kyle Rayner possesses the Green Lantern power ring - - virtually the most powerful weapon in the universe.

The ring can virtually create anything Kyle imagines - - and his vivid, artistic mind can imagine an awful lot. The strength of those creations is tied to Kyle's will.