Lagoon Boy

Name:Lagoon Boy
Age: 12
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: N/A
Known Relatives: None known
Group Affilation: Young Justice (reserve)
Base of Operations: Atlantis
D.O.B. 1988

(Portions of this history taken from The Lagoon Boy Webpage)


Lagoon Boy met his two best friends, Blubber and Sheeva, at King Orin's birthday party. All three were fascinated by the surface so they soon formed the Landlovers. Their first skirmish was to New York and it was both funny and disastrous. They frightened the New Yorkers and Blubber was wounded. Fortunately, Aquaman and Tempest came to their rescue. Lagoon Boy made a second, solo trip to Gotham City during its No Man's Land period and met Robin, Superboy, and Impulse. They had to stop Kobra Prime from enacting revenge on Gotham and with Blubber's help, who showed up just in time, they did.

Lagoon Boy had been hanging around Atlantis since. Blubber, Sheeva, and him built a TV and a computer that work under water. Lagoon Boy was also the ringbearer at Tempest and Dolphin's wedding.

While Young Justice was taking a well deserved vacation, Lagoon Boy, Changeling, Captain Marvel Jr., Batgirl, and Flamebird stood in as the new YJ. Their one and only battle was with Klarion and L'il Lobo.

In early 1999, Robin III (Tim Drake) foresaw a need for back-up heroes on a mission his team Young Justice were embarking upon, and approached Lagoon Boy about joining the team as a reserve member.

Powers and Abilities

Can suck in water and expand himself, breath above and under water, possesses super-strength and semi-invulnerability.

Lagoon Boy is unnaturally capable at learning, abosrbing any and all information around him.