Sensor Boy

Real name: Jon Claridjna
Other Aliases: Green Lantern
Occupation: Student; employee of SteelWorks; Green Lantern
Base of Operations: Mobile
Group Affiliation: none
Known Relatives: Vadrini Claridjna (mother; Green Lantern: Lightning Bug; deceased), Jesse (last name unknown; deceased), John Henry Irons (Steel; Godfather).
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100
Eyes: Silver-Violet
Hair: Black


Sensor Boy is the child of a one night coupling between former Green Lantern, Lightning Bug and a man known only as Jesse. His father was murdered by the Executioner on the night of his conception; a crime for which his mother was framed, and eventually exonerated. Six weeks later (the regular gestation period for natives of Murla), Lightning Bug birthed Jon, and named him after her friend, the JLA member, John Henry Irons who was also named his Godfather. Three days later Lightning Bug was slain herself in a surprise attack by the Executioner II. Jon has been Steel's ward ever since, and was bequethed his mother's power ring by Superwoman. He has yet to be named an official Green Lantern by anyone with such authority.

When months later, the forces of Avatar returned, Sensor Boy was among those heroes who confronted him on the front lines. During the battle it seemed he too was lost, but in fact, while ensuring the safety of his comrades he himself used his power of posession to inhabit the body of one of Avatar's own minions and survive. In this form Sensor Boy returned to Earth and aided Flash III, Superwoman and Karate Kid in Avatar's destruction.

Sensor Boy has since spent most of his time between assisting his godfather with construction on the new Justice League Space Station and studying Earth cultures and history.

Powers and Skills

Like all Murlans, Jon was born in a state of adolescence with an inborn state of mental maturity and intelligence. Like all Murlans he possesses a natural resistance to all forms of mental control, capability to survive in harsh environments without the benefit of protective covering and a tougher than normal skin.

Additionally, he possesses a gamut of other powers; metahuman abilities as yet postulated as caused by either mutation due to his mixed heritage or genetic mutation passed down from his father. Physical remains for Jesse are unavailable to use for confirmation. These metahuman abilities include the ability to become non-corporeal and take possession over other people's forms, and a wide variety of super-sensory powers with an as yet unknown limitation on range (he has been able to sight clearly events transpiring on Pluto from Earth's moon).

Like all Murlans, Jon possesses purple skin which makes him stand out from the crowd. He is filled with an immense thirst for knowledge and spends every available moment absorbing as much new information as he possibly can.