Captain Marvel


Real Name: Freddy Freeman
Base of Operation: Fawcett City, New York Occupation: Student/Newsstand Merchant Eyes: Blue
Marital Status: Single Family: David Freeman (Father- deceased), Rebecca Freeman (Mother- deceased), Christopher Freeman (Brother) Group Affiliation: Titans


Originally, Captain Marvel and Bulletman helped defeat the evil Captain Nazi together but left Captain Nazi with an extreme hatred towards Marvel and Bulletman. Captain Nazi then decided to attack Captain Marvel alone but in the process, Freddy Freeman was caught up in the battle and was left severely crippled by him. Captain Marvel felt remorse for Freddy and brought him to the ancient wizard Shazam and asked if there was anything he could do for him. Shazam used his powers and channelled lightning into Freddy's crippled body that healed some of his life threatening injuries. When Freddy awoke, his excitement at seeing his hero Captain Marvel, led him to say "'s Captain Marvel!" and the magic that Shazam bestowed on Freddy changed him into Captain Marvel Junior. Whenever Freddy Freeman say the words "Captain Marvel", he was to be transformed into Captain Marvel Jr. As Captain Marvel, Freddy had same powers as Captain Marvel but was considerably weaker. Captain Marvel Jr. has the same costume as Captain Marvel, except instead of the red uniform, his uniform is blue. Although Shazam healed most of the injuries caused by Captain Nazi, when Captain Marvel transforms back into Freddy Freeman, he is still a cripple.

Now that both Billy and Mary have passed away, the full power of Shazam now rests in Freddie. In addition, recent contraction of lycanthropy seems to have healed the crippling of Freddie's leg.