Alter Ego: Madelyne Chase
Occupation: Student (Private Tutor)
Marital Status: Unknown
Known relatives: Neron (father)
Group Affiliation: Young Justice
Base of Operations: Various. Currently frequents her Boston penthouse.
Height: 5'10" (Variable)
Weight: 135 lbs (Variable)
Eyes: Blue (Variable)
Hair: Dark Brown (Variable)

History: Very little is known about Bliss prior to her joining Young Justice. Her family is apparently very wealthy, which explains why she can afford to search all over the world for ancient relics that will contribute to her power. She's self-absorbed, spoiled, elitist and often downright bitchy, but has displayed signs of affection in the past. Her powers expand and grow with every artifact she collects, and her true limits are as-of-yet unknown.

Powers: Bliss possesses super-strength, durability and speed on a level that can only be guessed at, though it wouldn't be outrageous to say that her levels are probably around Kryptonian standards. She has extensive knowledge of almost all ancient cultures and magics. Bliss has practiced many different types of martial arts, but is an especially efficient kickboxer and gymnast (she rarely displays these talents, as she prefers others to do the 'dirtywork'). Bliss cannot fly, but can float for as long as needed. She is an extremely powerful hypnotist, smashing even the most powerful of mental shields. She uses these powers in subtle ways to get what she wants, especially on men, making them feel extremely attracted to her. She is also a master of illusion, a power she first used to make herself attractive to everyone that saw her. Her ability to manipulate situations to her advantage is her best asset, one she continues to employ to this day.