Real Name: Stephanie Brown
Age: 15
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Super Powers: None
Special Abilities: The Spoiler is a lot like Robin, in that she doesn't have any "super" powers, only finely tuned natural skills. She is also a fine fighter and acrobat, and is learning a few things about detective work from her occasional partner, Robin. Though, inexperienced and danger-prone, she has assisted Robin on many occasions, even saving his life.

Origin: With the criminal, the Cluemaster, as her father, Stephanie Brown would seem a more likely candidate for villain than hero. Intent on seeing her father brought to justice, Stephanie donned the purple and blue tights to plant clues to help Batman and Robin nail the Cluemaster and his gang. After helping catch him, Steph decided to hang on to the costume and the lifestyle a little while longer, more recently to allow her to get closer to the Boy Wonder, for whom she has a noticeable crush.

She has become Robin's unofficial partner, spending many nights with him on the rooftops of Gotham. This naturally forced Robin to choose between his growing feelings for Steph and his relationship with Arianna. After deciding to call things off with Ari, Tim found himself dumped instead and agreed to "date" Steph, but only as Robin. She understood that his life as Tim Drake (though she doesn't know that name) is off limits, and she accepted those conditions, however, just a week after beginning their relationship, she drops a bomb that the Boy Wonder might not recover from -- she was pregnant by her former boyfriend.

Comparing his love life to Nightwing's, Robin was undaunted and the relationship continued to blossom, and Robin adopted a secret identity for his secret identity, Alvin Draper, in order to go to child birth classes with Steph. Soon after, she began spending most of her time with Young Justice at the Justice Cave, helping out with monitor duty in order to stay in the company of her super-peers. Months later, she was exposed to nuclear radiation during the bomb detonation in Israel, with no apparent affect on her or her unborn child, soon after she gave birth to a healthy baby, and gave it up for adoption. Four months after the adult heroes went into space to battle Avatar's armada without returning, Robin left with Supergirl and some others to put an end to Avatar's threat. A month later, they returned and Steph and Robin resumed their relationship.

Soon, however, Young Justice faced two crises: the first being the lead poisoning of their team mate Valor, the second being Wondergirl's pending duel to the death with Athena in order to cure Valor. While the team handled both dilemmas as successfully as they could, it bore a toll on everybody, including Steph's morale. With Batman dead, and no longer needing his identity kept protected, Robin decided to finally share his secret identity with Steph, which has only begun to make them stronger, and to begin lifting her spirits anew.

Following Tim's retirement as Robin, Steph was offered the position by Tim, and backed heavily by Nightwing in the decision, and has now assumed the role of Robin, the GIRL Wonder, and fourth hero to don some form of the suit and identity.