Alter Ego: Garth
Occupation: Hero, Mage in training
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Arthur Curry/Orin (Aquaman), guardian; Queen Berra of Shayeris (mother); King Thar of Shayeris (father, deceased); Slizzath (uncle, currently transformed and trapped in another dimension)
Group Affiliation: JLA. Former Titans
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black


The former Aqualad, now know as Tempest, Garth is still one of the hearts of the Titans. Of all the trials and tribulations Dick has undergone, Garth has experienced and equal share. But unlike Dick , Garth's outlook on lifehas not diminished or wavered. Leaving him as one of the few constants of the Titans, despite his uniform change.

Garth began life son of King Thar of the Idylists, a pacifist splinter group of the Atlanteans. Upon the people's discovery of Garth purple eyes (curseful trait), Garth was cast adrift in the oceans to die. However, the infant Garth did not perish, rather he was resuced froim the seas by Aquaman, King Orin of Atlantis. Later in life, Garth joined Aquaman man on his adventures both in the sea, adn above. It was during this time that he adopted the name Aqualad, became one of the origional Teen Titans, and met the one true love of his life Tula.

Garth's powers have undergone several changes in recent years. First was his extradimensional training under the guidance of the wizard Atlan, who is also Aquaman's biological father, then came the reclaiming of his birthright. It was this combination of experiences that earned him the abilities to generate extreme heat and cold in bodies of water, and emit powerful force blasts from his purple eyes. All this, to supliment his Atlantean sight, hearing, strength and stamina.

On a recent transport through the JLA teleport tubes, Garth somehow replicated himself and now exists as two people, exactly the same in ALL respects from birth on up to the split in the transporter, from here on they remain the same in personality, belief system, memory, etc, but each experiences the world and gains new memories different from the other.