Max Mercury

Real Name: Unknown
Current Alias:Max Crandall
Other Aliases: Ahwehota, Windrunner, Whip Whirlwind, Lightning, Bluestreak, Quicksilver, the "Zen Guru of Speed"
Known Relatives: Bart Allen ("nephew"), Dr. Helen Claiborne (daughter)
Group Affiliation: New Outsiders, JLA (reserve)
Past Group Membership: Freedom Fighters (?)
Base of Operations: Manchester, Alabama

The young messenger for a fort in the American West discovered an ambush being set for the local Blackfoot clan. The shaman, with his last breath, used tribal magic to imbue the scout with superhuman speed. The scout found the Indians and the US Army detachment, and disarmed them all, preventing the massacre. From that day forth he became known as Ahwehota-- "He who runs beyond the wind."

Years later, Windrunner felt the call of what has since been called the speed force. He ran faster than he had ever run before, but hesitated at the last moment... and caromed off the edge of the field, landing several decades in the future. He periodically attempted to reach the field again, each time jumping forward to a new era, where he adapted and used a series of names, eventually becoming known in our era as Max Mercury.

In 1948, Max was seriously injured saving Manchester, Alabama from a toxic bomber. He was found by a local doctor, and taken to his remote home to convalesce. Dr. Claiborne was away much of the time, and Max developed a close relationship with his wife Laura -- which culminated in a brief affair. When David discovered them together, Max ran, brushing up against the speed force again and time-jumping. Only decades later did he discover that they had a daughter.

Jay Garrick and Johnny Quick recently brought Max out of retirement to fight the false Barry Allen. Since then, Max has become advisor to Wally West as he discovers his destiny, and has taken over Bart Allen's training as his guardian. Most recently he has taken duties as co-teacher of the new Outsiders.


Thanks toKelson Vibber for use of his bio.