JLA history

Kara's Diary,

Boy it is hard to believe it has been six years since the start of this journal. Kal-El's death seems a distant memory but it still has fresh hold on my every day. Bruce told me this could help me sort through my feelings and he has been right so far. Today was an interesting day. I have been on the go all day. Ever since Nightwing has disappeared I have been trying to coordinate several emergencies at once.

The outlawing of metahuman activities, well as close as one can get, has been a serious blow to our various allies. With every group following other avenues the JLA has been left to hold the line as it was. On top of all the other emergencies we have had to deal with I had to help rescue a group from Apokolips. When Scott finely open a boom tube and I went in, Aquman's team was under attack by Kalabik and Darkseid had just appeared. It didn't look good. Then he ordered me to with draw my troops for he had no quarrel with me this day. Boy my pride swelled. It is the first time since Clark's death that anyone has acknowledged me as his equal. So we got everyone out of there before things got worse.

Upon returning I speak to Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) about making a mother box for me. I figure I need a fast way home if I'm going out into space. Never know when Avatar may return.

During this talk Lighting Bug had her baby on the WatchTower. He is a cute little fellow who can already talk. He species seems to mature fast and learn at a tremendous rate. LB asked me if he could have access to the computer files. I said sure and gave him access to the Library. Steel was so proud, to see him beam. It seems that not only did LB name him male role model for her child but she also named him after John. Steel was really proud. It was the first happy moment in a long string of despair about to start. Though of Course I didn't know that.

Finishing that I reviewed what we had found out about the emergencies going on. Since we discovered Lilth was behind the Mess in the government. We found this out because of a Meta-human named Magus/Wrath. Him and Fire apparently decided to get married, boy Guy will love that. I sent a Team under Val to deal with the Lilth problem.

Of course with the birth of LB's son that got the whole tower wondering what we should do over little Heidi, the girl we rescued for New Orleans during the vampire incident. Everyone had their opinion and well Wonder Woman/Hippolyta and I went a few rounds on the verbal sparring. I guess it was a case of two Alpha females in the same pack. It was not very pretty. I think I was more in the wrong than Polly was. I went outside to cool off and Alan followed. He offered to handle things on the moon so I could go blow off some steam against Litlth's forces. I agreed and started to leave. Half way there Dr. Fate came and took all of the JSA away with no explanation. We have not been able to locate them since. So of course I had to turn back around and be team coordinator for a huge number of people not just JLA.

This wasn't the only thing going on of course, the Executioner had been killed and his body was being moved to the WatchTower to perform the autopsy. Nightwing got married to Jesse Quick right under everyone's nose. Ollie (Green Arrow) showed back up alive, which was strange since I was there when the jet blew up with him in it. And Robin went crazy and became mini Parallax. Before we could intervene in that fiasco, Spoiler had it all solved. She has a really good head on her shoulders. YJ then left to stop Impulse from destroying the universe through the speed force. And Aquaman returned from his mission to talk to the UN. He reported that they would consider lifting the Meta-human ban. That was more than I got out of them. I was very grateful Orin was here.

However before anything else could possibly happen, I had to dispatch a team to recover an alien woman who had crashed in New York. She was pronouncing the end of the world. Turns out she was right. Her name was Dusk and on her heels was a creature called the Sun-Eater. So I send J'onn with a team to see if they can gather data from the sun eater and I go to round up scientist from Earth. Turns out STAR LABS is still closed and the scientist are all gone. So I head to Metropolis and get Luthor. Boy I was so unhappy to be dealing with him again. But he does have influence outside Metropolis and may be useful.

I return to find out that a woman claiming to be representing the now dead Executioner had gotten onto the WatchTower and attack several heroes up there. She apparently was looking for Flash. She killed LB and the alien Dusk. When I return I get LB's ring after a helpful suggestion from Tempest. I give it to her son who has taken the name Sensor Boy and plans to follow in his mom's footsteps.

At this point Nightwing returns and gives us Donna Troy to lock up. After some serious debate over this action Donna does prove that she need to be locked up for a time after she threatens Geo-Force who was holding her arm. I think her exact threat was that she would rip his arm off. Nightwing then orders me to take her to the holding cells, which I do.

It is here that I realize, after seeing Bladerunner a young man who is locked up because he killed the Executioner, that no one had spoken to the Steven's about their son's death. That was the hardest thing in the world to do. I hope I never have to deliver news like that again. The fact that their son died a hero saving another life seems to help. Still to see the light in a parent's eyes go out with news of this nature is not something that I want to ever see again. This one time will be burned in my memory for a long time.

After this I eavesdrop on Jesse and Dick saying good bye. I also scan Jesse with my supervision to make sure she is who she says she is. Though I feel ashamed for this act now I, at the time, believed that it was necessary. After that Dick came back and I apologized for eavesdropping and for challenging his orders on Donna. We then have a long heart to heart. During this I give him the lowdown on what has happen and what we have tried to do in response.

Once the updates were given and work started on a plan to stop the Sun-eater, Nightwing dispatches Flash to try and stop Impulse and I take a team to Jerusalem to deal with the madden crowds over the Sun being plotted out of the sky. We try to contain people and keep them from killing each other with limited success. When that doesn't work I begin a new plan of disarming all the people we can. By this time the holographic projection I made to try and calm people went off. Boy did that plan flop. I'm not sure what it did any place else but here in Jerusalem they began to fire on the hologram. Also about his time I start to lose super speed for no apparent reason. However the rioters had finely stopped fighting one another and told us that since we couldn't stop the nuke that detonated here so long ago that how could we stop this. That was a terrible blow since it was my failure that allowed that to happen. I order the whole team on to the next city and put in a call to the Watchtower to free Bladerunner and Ollie to help out, in the next city. (Bern I believe it was.) I stayed behind and allowed myself to be pelted and attacked by the rioters. I had hoped that by having a target for their aggression that it would burn itself out. Besides they really could physically hurt me. Though their remarks left scars that my super healing won't be able to heal as quick.

At this point Jerusalem's hero, Masada, who help us clean up the fallout from the nuke, came by and said I had put up with enough. He used his power to throw me to Bern where Sensor Boy caught me. In Bern we faced much the same problems except that these people had tanks. Then everything changes and time seems to go funny. Babs tells me that New York is being over run by demons and that this is all linked up with Impulse trying to destroy the universe. So after dealing with most of Bern I leave Geo-Force, Tempest, and Psi to deal with the rest. I order Green Arrow to take everyone but Bladerunner to New York to help out there. I take Bladerunner to the WatchTower and ask him to go into the speed force to help stop Impulse. Since his powers can take away speed it seemed perfect.

Once he left Steel informs me that he has a plan and that they are ready to implement it. I tell him to proceed. The leave and on the way to the sun find out that Danger Girl also has a plan is almost there and has the sanction of the UN. Steel tells her she may get hurt and to back off the JLA has everything in hand. I regret the telepathic ring that keep giving me updates and silently wish both teams good luck. Turns out Danger Girl's plan did work and I'm so grateful for that.

With these two problems seen to I head to New York. Once I arrive it is amazing the damage that has already been done. There are demons all over the place and they are killing people left and right. Ollie has already ordered people to deal with thing and I join in destroying demons as fast as I can. Since demons are magic I know that they can hurt me so I use distant attacks to keep them at bay.

As if New York wasn't trouble enough the female Executioner appears in Bern and attacks the team there. They do catch her, so she tells them she has placed nuclear bombs at several locations all over the globe. One right there in Bern. With that she escapes. Psi tells me all this and I immediately tell Sensor Boy to locate the bombs. As he does I send Batgirl, Val, Flash and myself to deal with them. Once Sensor Boy has located them all I send him to Metropolis to stop the one there. While this is happening Ollie comes up with the idea of banishing the demons and destroying the gate they are coming through with magic. Mr. Majestic says he can do it only from a powerful mystical spot. The closest is Arkham Asylum. This makes Ollie belly laugh, which I think he needed. Ollie has gotten a lot more serious over the years. To many bad memories I guess. Once the gate is closed we are left to deal with the few hundred demons left behind. Not an easy situation, but we manage.

Once all the bombs are dealt with the Sun also starts to shine bright. Danger Girl's team had succeeded. I'm told they carved up the Sun-Eater with mini boom tubes and transported the pieces to hell. Whatever as long as it worked I was happy. Also almost all the bombs seemed to have been dealt with. But as with every victory these days it was laced with bitter defeat. The WatchTower apparently had a bomb and it blew up. All Sensor Boy could say for sure is that a woman transported up there, dealt with Dr. Stihvens who was helping us with the Sun-Eater, and planted a bomb that destroyed the WatchTower.

I'm not sure how I'm going to tell Wondergirl her mother has died, along with several of YJ's parents. Or what I'm going to tell Roy, poor Lian was there too. Sensor Boy assures me that the possibility of them being alive is real but I don't see how. Unless of course the female Executioner took them as hostages in which case I don't envy her when YJ catches up with her.

Once the last of the bombs are dealt with I order all the JLA members to meet at Titans Tower to decide our next course of action. Val of course pointed out that now between emergencies would be a good time to leave for space to find Kal-El. Though I hated leaving Dick in a bind I do agree and tell Dick I'm leaving now. He knew this was coming for a while and wished me his best.

After seeing Babs, Val and I go to space where he tells me that Kal-El is to found 20 years in the future on the planet Qward. So together we pierce the time barrier and head to the Fortress for some much needed rest. Val Right now is out cold by my side and thinks I am too. So I'm updating my personal journal because I have so much stuff to talk about. Of course I haven't even touched on the fact that Val is green and has Kryptonian powers because of a weird serum Brainy gave me a while back. I also have left off the part about us falling in love. Well at least me falling in love I'm sure he feels the same way but Jeckie's spirit can't be far behind in his thoughts. I should rest now, for when we wake we go to find heroes whom in this time can help us get to Qward.

So Val and I woke up the next morning and got a hold of Danger Girl who transported us to the Anti-matter universe. There we meet Brainiac 5.1. I was totally confused until Brainy told us that he came to and no Kal-El was to be found. I figured that some part of Brainy must have been in Kal-El along with the rest of Clark.

However while we are setting off for the 30th century, events back home take a turn for the worst. Nightwing has the team assemble at Titans Tower since the Watchtower is gone. We then gets into an argument with Green Arrow (Ollie), which quickly turns into a physical confrontation. At the end of which Nightwing quits the League and goes off to start the Global Guardians. The League immediately elects Ollie to be Chairman. He does not select a co-chair, finding the position useless. The team immediately splits up to try and find info on the new executioner who has been plaguing our steps. A woman who calls herself Power Girl joins one of the teams under Plastic Man. I guess with so many resurrections, lately, no one thought to check her out. Turns out she was Executioner in disguise. As J'onn left the group to report back to base, "Power Girl" gave him and Plastic Man her pack to stow away. On the way back to Titans tower the "pack explodes killing J'onn. Meanwhile "Power Girl reveals herself to Black Lighting and Geo-Force. They force her to retreat.

The team goes into a few month hiatus, handling only daily operations and continuing the hunt for "Exie." Now located at J'onn's Antarctic fortress of Z'onn Z'orr.

I can not help but feel responsible for J'onn's death. If I had not chosen that time to save Clark, but once started down that path of logic. I can say that the loss of J'onn adds to the already gapping hole in my soul that so many other dead friends occupy.

While all of this was going on in the 20th century, I was hot on pursuit of "Super Brainy" in the 30th. Once we arrived we found everything in disarray. To make a long story short the UP was about to go to war with the Khunds and the UP president was recently assassinated. Val, Danger Girl and myself, quickly recovered "Super Brainy" and had Tellus fix Clark's mind.

While that was happening the Legion sent us with a small group of Legionnaires to stop the Khund naval advance. We destroyed the stargate and quickly returned home. On the way out there I found out that I was pregnant with Val's child. That was the good news. The bad news was that Jeckie was found alive. She had been saved by Time Trapper and made into an assassin. The Legion was trying desperately to save her and thought Val could help. Val stayed with her as the newly-whole again Superman and myself were sent as back up to a negotiation Legion team. We headed to the Khund home world, where after a swift display of power we were successful at negotiating a cease-fire. We returned and Clark and I headed for home. Val elected to stay behind so he could figure things out. He promised to be back by the time the baby was born.

I returned with Clark to the 20th century and went immediately to Babs. She informed me of everything that had happened. We left almost immediately for Z'onn Z'orr. Of course upon arrival Clark was subject to an array of tests to prove who he was. My word did not seem good enough, as the League was very paranoid now. As we made plans to deal with "Exie" more bad news arrived Ray Palmer, "Atom", had died with the JSA on a mission. I can not begin to describe to you the anguish I felt, especially just hearing of J'onn's death. Clark also must have been in awful pain. Before we could recover Sensor Boy told us Avatar was on the way back to earth with his fleet.

We jumped into action, a small team was sent with me to the Fortress to work on ways to stop Avatar and his Son. Meanwhile Green Arrow, Black Lighting, Plastic Man, and Geo-Force left for Gotham to ask the Outsiders to hunt "Exie." While on this mission Black Lighting lost his cool and struck Green Arrow. Geo-Force also behaved in an appalling way. When they returned to base, Sensor Boy had already informed myself, Clark and Arthur of what had happened. The next thing threw us all for a loop.

In the middle of a session to discuss the various plans before us, Geo-Force asked for a new vote for Leader. While this was bad time it stemmed from the Gotham incident. The motion was tabled with the promise to, after Avatar was dealt with, discuss this further and maybe even rework the JLA charter.

This issue aside, it was decided that a small team would plant "solar bleeders" Steel designed. They were based off a shower present John was going to give me. They absorb solar energy from Kryptonian and make them effectively human. The JLA was split into two teams, one to place the items another to distract Avatar's fleet. If all goes well the hybrids will have no powers by the time they reach earth and we will only have to deal with Avatar and his son. The only bad side is that I am effectively off the case as I am close to term. Ollie told me he wouldn't endanger my unborn child. I tool off to Oracle's base and start coordinating between the two teams. Babs right now is being fitted with a magical suit of armor that, I hope, will help her to defeat Avatar when he arrives on Earth.

As always I am in such a hurry to record things I forget impotent stuff, Babs can walk again. Something about the merging timelines that Impulse caused. She found at the end of that she could walk again. No news was better timed or better received.

This next part has taken me a while to write…not only has it been the usual business but much emotional stuff has happen. The two teams did indeed leave for space, however the distraction team got, well distracted. They never made it to Avatar's fleet. As a result the insertion team was detected and almost caught. Sensor Boy gave what we thought was his life to move the insertion team out. We later found out about another power he has, but more on that later.

As soon as both teams were reunited they were attacked by the hybrids. Bloodwynd and Dove were killed in the ensuing battle and Geo-Force was critically injured. However the many plans that we had were put into use and the Hybrids were stopped, all except a small group that escaped and set themselves up in China (as the ruling government no less). It was at this point that the female Executioner showed up and attacked. She destroyed the hard light device that Kal-El was trapped in. Steel told me when he returned. After everything I went through, to lose my cousin so soon was not an easy thing. It made all of it come back. She was caught and eventually brought to the Fortress.

Meanwhile, Zatanna and I are back at the Fortress talking about babies when Avatar shows up. He takes Zee out and follows me around as I try to fight him. I am way outclassed and fell as he ripped my unborn baby from my body. At this point one of his hybrids shows up and attacks him and I lost consciousness. While out, Flash, Sensor Boy (who was in control of the Hybrid's body, and later moved to infant Kal to get him from Avatar's grasp), and "Knight" who I thought to be Babs fought Avatar. Turns out it was Val, returned from the future. Between Val and Flash they killed Avatar.

Once back from space, Green Arrow announced that he was leaving the League, and that as senior member Aquaman was in charge. Arthur disbanded the JLA for a week as he, Steel and myself discussed the roster changes. This took several days and was a hard discussion for us three. It was during this time that Kon-El (Superboy) came back with the rest of Young Justice. They had found and rescued several members of the League that had apparently been kidnapped during the invasion 5 years ago. Among the list back was Katar Hol, Ray Palmer, J'onn, and Bruce. I was so very happy that I kinda dumped on Kon and other important news he had to tell me. I just had to go see Bruce and help him as he had helped me. The other thing I was running from, that Kon does not know, was the small kid he brought to me. It was a clone of Kal-El. I was floored. I mean I had lost him twice now and Kon brings me this kid who is him and I am supposed to accept him? I wanted to keep him at arm's length. I mean I am not sure I can lose him one more time. It would be too much for me. It was decided that he would stay with Ma and Pa. Maybe I will return to the farm and help out. Take Val and my son with me. There would be worse places for little Bruce to grow up.

During Kon's and my conversation we were told by Oracle that NYC had just been hit by a nuke. Kon and I sprang into action to help out NYC. Kon and YJ members went to rescuing people and I was so proud of how quick they reacted. They are the best and brightest of our future and it gives me so much hope. While YJ handled civilians, I took care of the irradiated air. Joined soon by GL and Majestic we began to get people out as well. We later found out that Doom Patrol was responsible and would have followed up on that but there was of course no League. Arthur during this time was forced to head off to Atlantis because of an attack and crisis involving his brother Ocean Master. I know that if Arthur catches him this time he will be executed; I don't think Arthur will spare him and I am not sure what I think on that either. Not after my attempt to kill Exie.

It was during all these different crises that I proposed to Val and he accepted. I was so happy. We want to get married soon and have it be a big party. Steel and Sensor Boy began to build our new headquarters. One fine installation, that is for sure. It was during this time that John's niece Natasha was gravely injured in a car accident. He left immediately to help out with her. I offered my help, as Kryptonain science is very advanced. He however has never trusted alien tech and I think this will be another case where he will turn me down for help. Damn I hope not I really like his niece.

A week later Arthur called together the League that we had decided on. Myself, Arthur, Steel, Mister Miracle, Mr. Majestic (reserve), Oracle (reserve), Starshine, Arsenal, Wonder Woman, GL, with Hawkman, Atom, J'onn, and Black Canary the options of returning soon. Bruce of course declined and won't let any of us in to help him.

Arthur immediately gave us a list of super-villains that were still at large. He wanted us to decided which we would go after first. The most important concern was the Hybrids in China; but after a quick call to the UN it was discovered that the Hybrids have been accepted as the legal government. So there was nothing we could do. The next major concern was Joker, but as I told Arthur that was no longer a problem. He asked me why I told him that he had to trust me but that I would tell him later if need be. I am concerned because this is Bruce's secret not mine but I don't think I have a choice. The next was Black Adam's rampage in Fawcett City. We left immediately to take him out. Once there we split up to help civies and look for Adam. The others went to the WHIZ radio station and were attacked by mind control worms. Well we would find that out very soon. Meanwhile Majestic, Arsenal, and myself helped the wounded. Adam attacked us and I was forced to deal with him. After Arsenal distracted him for me I noticed that there was a mind control worm on him, and I froze it off. He then explained that Mr. Mind was here and building a device to control the world. The other team figured that half of them were controlled by worms and stopped them. Arsenal and myself went to help out. Once that was dealt with we decided that Mr. Mind must be in the WHIZ radio Station in the old bomb shelter.

We proceeded down to take him out and made it there with little to no trouble. He had taken control of some kids but Plastic Man, who had joined us hidden in Arsenal's quiver, and Kyle were able to get the kids out of the way and get the worms off them. Arthur asked what we should do with Mr. Mind and Starshine said that we should kill him. This took us all by surprise. Arthur asked me to take Mind to Bel Revue and I did at super speed. When I returned Starshine and Kyle were talking. Later I found out that she had decided to leave the League. That was too bad. We have all had rough days; she should not had quite because of it. She had real potential and we were all not happy to see her go.

With Fawcett City safe we returned to the Satellite, after a brief but effective clean up session of Fawcett that is. Once home we begin to discuss what our next course of action will be. Arthur wants to send Roy into China on recon. I am not sure this is wise, but he is leader.

So many things have happened since my last entry. I have been very busy and not able to keep up with my journal. A team did indeed go to China they were discovered and given the grand tour. The Hybrids seem to be making things better and seemed very up front about it. J'onn and Steel seemed satisfied I still have my doubts. I am not sure if it is lingering misplaced hatred for Avatar or it is intuition.

The rest of the team was split into 2 forces. The larger one to deal with HIVE and a smaller one to check out why Amazo was sited in the amazon rain forest. Well neither threat took long and were both quickly dealt with. Though Amazo seemed to be on the up and up and wanted to spend his last days helping a small village there in the amazon. Apparently his power source is almost used up. So he is dying in his own way.
A few days later the League was called again, it seems during the attack on New York, Ocean Master had done his best to destroy Atlantis. Arthur had decided it was time to commit full time to the business of being king. So again the league had to elect new leadership. The long and short of it is that Dinah won, and there was much rejoining. Bruce even showed up for the meeting much to every ones surprise.

Also during that time Atom and the other "pod leaguers" built a device that scanned the entire planet. It seems that there were no more Durlan imposters, for now at least.

Batman explained that his presence at the meeting was to stop Ra's current attempt at gain more power. Meanwhile the rest of the League would be handling other items or so we thought. Including going over the data gotten from the HIVE central computer, finishing the new satellite, and helping the relief effort in NYC. During this time a younger hero named Terra went to the Z'onn Z'orr site looking for us. We brought her up to the satellite. The rest of the team finished the satellite and the research on HIVE just turn up an item called the Hand of Glory. No one seems to know what that is though. That night while Batman's team was captured, I and a small group of others, (for the record Zatanna, Batwoman, Robin, Aquaman, Val, Superboy, Supervixen, Steel, and myself.) I had received some very disturbing information that everyone on Argo City were clones of the original inhabitants and that our city was a fake.

The journey proved the accusations false however it created a new temporal timeline. Steel was not to please by this but the mission needed to be done for my own sense of self. Especially since the wedding is less than a week away. Once we returned I meet with Robin the next morning, her team had just achieved what I thought was impossible they caught an Exie, and had him/her/it imprisoned. They came up with a plan to let him/her/it go and trace it back to the source. I was skeptical but relented if they agreed to keep me appraised by a special transmitted coded frequency I use. They agreed to use it and call if they got in over their heads. To my shame I was unable to respond and I feel very lucky none were injured.

I was unable to respond because we found out that morning that Batman's group was captured. WE attempted a rescue from what we thought would be Ra's HQ, but instead was a base for the White Martians to launch an attack. I was shocked, as were several others. We however in true league fashion made short work of them and freed our compatriots, of which Batman was not one of them but Hawkgirl was. SO back to base we went only to encounter the supposed ghost of Vibe. A scientific team stayed at the Martian base and apparently discovered some microscopic life forms. They beamed straight to the lab on station and began the analysis while we dealt with the ghost.