Real Name: Orin
Known Aliases: Arthur Curry
Eye/Hair Color: Aqua-Blue/Blonde
Age: Unknown
Marital Status: Separated
Known Relatives: Atlan (Father, Queen Atllana (Mother) - Deceased, Tom (Adoptive Father) - Deceased, Mera (Wife) - Seperated, Arthur I (Son) - Deceased, Orm (Half-Brother), Koryak(Son), and Arthur II (Son).
Birthplace: Atlantis
Area of Ops: Poseidonis and the world's oceans.
Occupation: Adventurer, Monarch of Atlantis, and King of the Seven Seas.
Special Powers/Abilities: Possesses the ability to communicate withsea animals, swimming under-water at rates of 100 miles per hour, candetect the primal emmotions of sea animals, can withstand extremes of temperature and pressure, sonar power, and absorbtion. Besides that he is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as his cybernedic morphing hook which can be used as a weapon.


Aquaman, born as Orin to Queen Atlanna and the mysterious wizard Atlan, was abandoned on Mercy Reef as a baby because of his blond hair, which was seen by the superstitious Atlaneans as a curse, The Mark of Kordax. Raised first by dolphins, then by a lighthouse keeper who gave him his own name, Arthur Curry, you could say he had an unusual childhood. Sometime in his teens he met and fell in love with an Inupiat named Kako. He left (was driven away) before he knew she was pregnant with his son.

He discovered his Atlantean heritage by dropping in on an oppressed Atlantis, and becoming a prisoner. He learned the language and who his mother was during that time, as well as forging a lasting friendship with Vulko, an Atlantean scientist.

Sometime later he was introduced to hero-hood by the Flash (Time and Tide). He didn't like it much, but eventually learned to deal with it, as evidenced by his eventual leadership of the Justice League.

He also was able to claim his birthright as King of Atlantis, though he was surprised to discover that Vulko had led the overthrow of the oppressive religious regime, inspired by Aquaman (The Legend of Aquaman). He met Aqualad, his friend and almost-son. He married Mera, a queen from another dimension, and had (another) son with her. Life was going great!

Then, of course, came the bad times. He lost his son to a vindictive Manta, and lost the trust of Aqualad at the same time. After rocky times, starting with Aquaman's quest for revenge on Manta and ending with his absence when his city was attacked and conquered (Giffen Mini-series), Mera left him for her own dimension. His people slowly lost faith in him, and too eagerly followed his son into disaster (current series). And he even lost his hand, too.

In madness and grief, he was slowly brought back into the world of heroes by Dolphin and Aqualad. After learning the secret of Poseidonis, he fought off an alien invasion by uniting Earth's underwater heroes against them. He met his father, Atlan, and learned more about his mystical heritage.

And then he went mad after his dolphin mother was killed by a Japanese dolphin hunter seeking revenge. He lost control of his powers, which he learned were more formidable than he suspected. He endangered the world enough for the Earth Elemental, Swamp Thing, to step in and wake him up.

After finding himself again, he asked the sea life to forgive him, and accept him again as their King. In his insanity, though, the sea had fled to the protection of Poseidon, and he had to fight Poseidon's son Triton to regain his status. When he won, a ticked off Poseidon gave him the power of a god to show him that he can't handle it.

Blind, he stumbled onto Animal Man and helped him out (current series, #35). He learned how to control his sonar abilities and to reach into "The Clear" with Animal Man's help. He then returned to his home in time to greet his returning people, who now have to get used to living on the surface of the ocean. The Atlanteans have since been able to relocate to the ocean's floor.

Aquaman was part of the mission against the Kryptonian Avatar, and since recovering from his wounds he has stepped down from active duty with the JLA and taken up sharing in the training of The )new) Outsiders.