Jesse Quick

Real Name: Jesse Chambers Grayson
Known Relatives: Richard Grayson (husband), Haley Grayson (daughter), Johnny Chambers (father -- deceased), Libby Lawrence (mother)
Occupation: Head of QuickStart Enterprises and student of Meta-Human Studies
Group Membership: Titans
Formula: 3X2(9YZ)4A

Like her father, Jesse Chambers uses a spoken formula to gain the power of super-speed and flight. Jesse also inherited super-strength from her mother, Liberty Belle. A student of meta-human studies, she did her Masters' thesis on super-speed heroes through the ages. Jesse began her own superhero career when her father assisted the Justice Society in a case after its return from limbo.

When Wally West found himself transforming into energy, he named her successor to the name of the Flash in an effort to shock Impulse into learning caution and planning ahead. All it succeeded in doing was making both Jesse and Bart resent their being used as pawns.

Jesse seems to have gotten over her resentment during the battle with Savitar, when Wally proved his trust for her, but in which her father lost his life. She has since taken over her father's position as head of Quick-Start Enterprises.

Most recently, Dick Grayson and Jesse did something amazingly impulsive that changed their lives forever. He asked Jesse Quick on a first date, when there was no romantic tension yet building between them. The two went on a mad drunken rampage through Las Vegas and woke up in the morning married. This event has caused both heroes' lives a good deal of upheaval, but remaining committed to each other, they plan to make their marriage strong.

Thanks to a mixture of speedforce enhanced meta-genes and magical tampering, Jesse gave birth to their first child, Haley, exactly one month after the two heroes woke up married.


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