Fortunato's Log

Well as any good scientist will tell you a precise log of events is essential in any scientific endeavor. This may seem odd to the average person but call it my log on my own adventures on a more primitive planet then my own. You see my name is Arra Jonto from the planet Colu. I have green skin and blonde hair although in Earth's natural light the green highlights show up more. You're probably wondering how I got to Earth in the first place. That seems to be the start of an interesting tale. It all started when I was put in charge of a medical contingent headed for Daxam. We were attacked by an armada of ships and our ship was disabled and then they blew it up. Now you're also wondering why I'm not dead. While I was young I was exposed to zeta radiation that changed my dna and gave me special powers. Creating an air bubble allowed me to survive the explosion and not die from lack of oxygen. I was rescued by a group of brightly clad teenagers led by someone named Robin. They were here to stop this armada and its leader Avatar and see if they could find some adult heroes that had disappeared.

At first Robin was going to have someone transport me to safety but I insisted that I be allowed to join them. This madman had just killed an entire shuttle of doctors,nurses and technicians who had done nothing but cross their path accidentally. Finally convincing him that I had a few more tricks up my sleeve like being able to understand their foreign tongue, fly, speak telepathically and shoot an energy blast of the same radiation that changed me did the trick. I think he realized that I might try anyway and it was better to have me on his side.

Robin's plan was to split up in groups sneak aboard the ships locate Avatar and any prisoners he may have and then destroy their shps. Simple enough right? It worked pretty well, we found the captured adult heroes except for a couple who were dead and we destroyed his armada. After helping the wounded heroes with my medical knowledge(even Earth humans are similar to us in physiology) they were transported back to Earth. Unfortunately the special kryptonite that they had brought to aid them against Avatar didn't quite work as well as planned. It wasn't until later that I learned that he was a Kryptonian.

Thinking back I'm not quite sure what was happening with Batgirl either. For some reason quite a few people on Robin's team didn't seem to trust her. She seemed very nice and quite helpful. Since her powers were the same as many of ours it allowed us some flexibility with planning. I did hear from several others that she wasn't the original Batgirl but had showed up and helped them out a few times. This struck me as odd considering how everyone seemed to trust me from the start and me being an alien as they say. Earthlings are such a strange race.

I'm not sure who's idea it was that we had to go into the timestream. Robin explained that they had a job to complete there. I guess I could have stayed behind but how often does a scientist like myself get to experience what it is like to travel through time. Once we reached what someone said was the future we were attacked by a group under the command of Brainiac 5.1, another Coluan. We avoided these beings and again split up. One group went to try and stop Brainiac and the other went to stop something called the Miracle Machine. As it turned out Brainiac fled into the past just as Matter Eater Lad,(he could eat anything) ate the machine in only a few bites.That straightened the timeline out but we still ahd to get Brainiac before he did it again so back into the timestream to chase him down.

We caught up with him in the past farther back then Robin's and my time. I still am not sure what exactly happened to him but one moment he was there and the next he was gone. So we headed back to our time and found it was ok except they said that somepeople that we supposed to be dead weren't. I'm not even going to try to figure that one out. All of the big wigs left to hold a big conference while the rest of us had a chance see old friends or get to know each other. I felt like a fish out of water until a purple skinned Green Lantern showed up to talk to me and thank me for my help. After that several others came over to converse with me. A couple of people had heard that they were forming a group and picking members. That left a lot of people wondering what would happen to them including me. One man approached me by the name of Golden Eagle and asked if I wanrted to join a group that he was reforming called the Titans. Since I was pretty much stranded for a while and this looked like it would be the perfect opportunity to study these people I agreed. Several of us left to go to a place they called Titans Tower where we spent the next week cleaning and setting things up.

It was then that someone suggested a day off. A trip to the mall they said. Majik said she would teleport us there, it would be easy she said. I wasn't happy about being teleported because it reminded me of all that time traveling which I had had enough of. What they didn't say was that when she telepoted anyone we went there another dimension kind of leapfrog fashion. Well we started out ok but it didn't stay that way. Once we hit her dimennsion something happened to her and we were stuck there. Then we were attacked by these really weird creatures while I tried telepathically to wake Majik and protect her. The others defeated the beasts that attacked us including someone who said he was the master of this place. Golden Eagle kept urging me to keep trying to wake Majik so we could get home.

It worked, sort of, she came to screaming and then the next thing I knew we were on Earth again but it sure didn't look like their Earth. I was beginning to really hate teleporting and time traveling both. Unfortunately I had too many other things to deal with which included several wounded and unconscious teammates. Cypher had taken a hit from the master of that weird place and really strange things were happening to himwhich I could not stop or explain. Majik was unconscious again and several others were wounded in the fights. Protecting them became my number one job and that became evident when we were attacked by huge robots. It took all of us plus some help from others to defeat these metal monsters. Eventually Majik regained consciousness and got a clean bill of health from me. I think we all wanted out of there by then. As we were getting ready to try and find our way out of this place or time or dimension whatever it was we were joined by the Outsiders. They had tried to get a hold of us and found us missing. The purple skinned Green Lantern was there and helped them track us down. Boy was I glad to see them. I had my hands full with injured and unconscious teammates. They helped us get back to the right time and place without any more problems.

Once we were back to the tower and most of my patients were out of the medlab some one suggested that we should elect a leader and second in command. Imagine my surprise when I was nominated for the post. Golden Eagle was also nominated as well as 2 or three others. From the start it was neck and neck between myself and Golden Eagle but finally he pulled ahead and won by a single vote. Everyone then decided to name me his second in command. I remember my head was spinning from the honor they bestow on me that day. You see by that time I had only been on Earth for no more than a month. Unfortunately I did not have time to rest on my laurels for I had a lot of work to accomplish. I wanted to find out what had happened to Cypher and set up a security system in the tower. Too much to do.

Cypher,Cyborg and myself went to my lab to begin work on the security system and Cypher. Everyone else had left for various appointments and other errands when the power suddenly went out. I didn't think much of it at first until both Cypher and Cyborg stopped moving. I wasn't sure if they were in a coma of some sort or stasis and I couldn't reach any of the other Titans. I decided to find out if someone was invading the Tower when I noticed a strange shadowy figure that suddenly attacked me. Try as I might I was unsuccessful and I awoke strapped to a guerney with an I.V. containing a pink liquid that was being pumped into me. On the next table was Zatanna and we were both wearing power dampners. These devices kept us from escaping by neutralizing our powers. We were soon joined by someone that Zatanna recognized but was under someone's control. His skin had a very unhealthy pink tint. He complained that my weird physiology made the liquid not quite as effective as it normally would and so he added another bottle to mine.

Once he had left I decided that I was not going to be a guinea pig for anyone's experiment except my own. Using Coluan fighting arts that emphasized flexibilty I was able to free myself from the I.V. and then free myself. I then released Zatanna but neither of us were able to get out of the power dampners. Finally we heard a commotion outside and taking the chance that it was our rescuers we started pounding on the door. The next face we saw was Shadowcat's as she peeked in to see who was making such a fuss. In all, our rescuers had found all but a few of us. We didn't even realize that we were under the Tower the whole time. We got out of those caverns in time to see Jessee Quick and Liberty Belle fighting CM3. Zatanna was able to stop CM3 while the rest of us seperated the others. What we didn't know at that time was that an evil ghost entity had taken over Donna Troy and had been controlling her.

Once it fled she went back to being normal. Some of the Titans wanted to go after the thing to kill it But as Gypsy pointed out we were needed here. Most of the other Teams were busy trying to stop something called the Suneater from eating Earth's sun. We were needed to help with any disasters that would crop up in the mean time.Golden Eagle decided that we had enough people now to seperate into west coast and east coast branches. The East coast group simply known as the Titans was to be made up of me,Shadowcat,Shockwave,Zatanna,Terra,Jesse Quick,Liberty Belle 2, Donna Troy,Geo Knight CM3,and Cypher.All the rest went to the west coast as Titans West. That meant until something else changed I was in charge of the Titans. I named Shockwave as second but I know I can count on any of my team to advise me if I need it.