Starman VII


Real Name: Jack Knight
Occupation: Second-hand collectibles
Base of Operation: Opal City
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Family: Ted Knight A.K.A. Starman I (Father), David Knight A.K.A. Starman VI (Brother-deceased)
Group Affiliation: JSA

Jack cared little for his father's career as Starman, and he certainly didn't intend to take a mantle himself. He was a dealer in second hand collectibles and liked it. Then the Mist began a crime wave. Jack's brother was killed, and his father was put in the hospital. Forced to become Starman through familial duty and desire to keep Opal City safe.

Though he would rather be dealing in collectibles, when Starman is needed, Jack is quick to answer the call - a fact the Opal City police have noticed, earning Jack respect among them. Jack finds the more he plays the super-hero, the more he enjoys being Starman. This both scares and surprises him. When not fighting crime, Jack spends his time buying collectibles for his new store, making time with his new girlfriend Sadie, arguing the merits of Sam Fuller's movies, and trying to decide what his next tattoo should be.


Powers/Skills: The Star-powered Cosmic rod can allow Jack to fly, fire energy bolts, levitate objects, create force fields and light the darkness. Jack's early training in Jujitsu gives him a crude by effective fighting style.

Weaknesses/Limitations: Jack is an ordinary mortal and without the cosmic rod, Jack is powerless.