Plastic Man


Real Name: Eel O'Brien
Occupation: Super Hero
Marital Status: Single
Ht: Variable
Wt: 235 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Group Affiliation: JLA


Eel was an orphan turned thief. One day, while raiding Crawford Chemical Works, Eel was double-crossed. He was shot by his fellow robbers, and fell into a vat of chemicals. After stumbling his way out of the plant, he walked up a nearby mountainside, and collapsed. When he awoke the next morning, he was in the care of a secret group of monks who attended to his wounds. When Eel stretched his arms after getting out of bed, he found that they just kept going. He decided to use this unorthodox power to get back at his former partners, and did, sending them to prison. Finding pleasure in doing this, Eel decided to fight for right with his newfound powers under the moniker of Plastic Man. Soon after he was drafted in the JLA for unknown reasons.

As part of the forces which went into space to battle the forces of Avatar, Plastic Man was wounded in action and left for dead. When Supergirl and the remaining super-heroes returned to check for survivors, Eel was included in the "Killed In Action" category and therefore was buried alive. He managed to unearth himself and re-joined the JLA.


Powers/Skills: Plastic Man is the happy go-lucky shape shifter of the group. He has rubber-like versatility and is a mischievous trickster. He can also form disguises and objects that only he could think up.

Weaknesses/Limitations: Annoying sense of humour; Prefers to act daft and juvenile.