Real Name: Bart Allen
Known Relatives: Barry Allen (grandfather -- deceased), Iris West Allen (grandmother), Don Allen (father -- deceased), Meloni Thawne (mother), Dawn Allen (aunt -- deceased), Jenni Ognats (cousin), Max Crandall (guardian), Inertia ("dark twin"), Jay Allen (descendant), Wally Allen (descendant)
Base of Operations: Manchester, Alabama
Occupation: Student
Group Affiliation: Young Justice
Past Group Affiliation: New Titans
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Brown

Bart inherited super-speed from his grandfather, Barry Allen, but his hyperaccelerated metabolism resulted in an accelerated growth rate. To keep him from going insane, scientists placed him in a virtual reality that kept pace with his own scale of time. Eventually it became clear that their efforts were not helping, so Bart's grandmother Iris took him to the 20th Century to consult her nephew, Wally West. Wally knew from experience the practicalities of super-speed in the field, unlike the scientists who had only observed it in the laboratory. Wally forced Bart into an extreme burst of speed that shocked his system into normalcy -- he retained his speed, but his accelerated growth rate dropped to normal.

After Wally's encounter with the speed field, Max Mercury became Bart's guardian and trainer. Because of Bart's childhood in VR, he has no concept of danger and rarely thinks ahead, acting completely on... impulse.

As a member of Young Justice, Bart has been a party to many actions, both tragic and triumphant. He's stood beside his friends through thick and thin, but when offered the opportunity to bring back his beloved Grandpa Barry, Bart was tricked into bringing about events that caused the merging, and momentary destruction, of hypertime itself. What's worse, the trickery came at the hands of his teammate and friend, Robin (Tim Drake), who at the time was suffering dementia induced from wearing the cursed ring of Hal Jordan. After Spoiler took the mantle of Robin for herself, Bart was next a part in the rescue of many other adult heroes long believed dead on the planet Elia. He has travelled to the future with other members of the Flash "family," on numerous occasions, including the trip to battle against the second coming of Savitar and save his beloved cousin Jenni.


Thanks toKelson Vibber for use of his bio.