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Real Name: Cissie King-Jones
Known Aliases: None
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Blonde
Age: 12 years old
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: 'Bowstring' Jones (Father) - Deceased and Bonnie King-Jones - AKA Former Miss Arrowette (Mother). Ollie Queen is speculated to possibly be her real father
Birthplace: Manchester, Alabama, United States
Area of Ops: Justice Cave, Gotham
. Occupation: Adventurer and Student
Group Affilation: Young Justice
Special Powers/Abilities: Not a super-hero, Arrowette possesses high skills as an archer using trick arrows. Following the trend set by Green Arrow and Speedy, Arrowette has an arsenal of arrows including types such as the normal type, boxing glove, expolsive, grappling hook. She has combined her skills in judo, kick-boxing, gymnastics, ballet, and voice training, to become quite the graceful and charming archer that she is.


Arrowette's mom, Bonnie, was pushed by her mother to become an archery champion when she was young, and eventually cut off all contact with her mother and decided archery was a waste of time. However, when she saw Green Arrow and Speedy fight crime and get media coverage, she decided to become a superheroine. She called herself Miss Arrowette. But then she got carpel tunnel syndrome and had to retire. So she married 'Bowstring' Jones, a reporter who later died after eating some bad shell-fish and they had a daughter -- Cissie King-Jones.

Bonnie raised her daughter to be the new Arrowette in an exact repetition of what her mother did to her. After her first case failed to make headlines because it coincided with Superman's death, she and her mother went after the Spaz. It was on this case that they ran into Impulse and Max Mercury. After the Spaz was caught, Max called child services. After a court battle, Bonnie was placed in a psychiatric institution. Cissie was placed in a boarding school in Pennsylvania and decided to continue her career as Arrowette as a way of getting back at her mom, by showing she is a better superhero in her absence. Later, she joined Young Justice and has been a member ever-since. Recently, the team took on a young villain known as The Harm who threw an arrow into Arrowette's arm after firing it. Later on, after a battle with Arrowette and Young Justice, The Harm was shot and apparently killed by his father under his mother's orders.

Arrowette has continued to stand by the side of her teammates in Young Justice through high times and low; one of the highest times being her assisting them during the rescue of many adult heroes long thought dead from the planet Elia, as well as the protecting of Earth while the other adult heroes were prisoners of the mad Kryptonian Avatar.