Real Name: Zatanna Zatara
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Black
Age: Mid to Late Twenties
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: John Zatara (Father) and Sindella (Mother) - Deceased. John Martin Zatara (son, w/Firestorm)
Birthplace: Metropolis
Area of Ops: Titans Tower, Metropolis
Occupation: Professional Magician and Crime-Fighter.
Group Affilation: Titans, JLA (former)
Special Powers/Abilities: Zatanna inherited true magical abilities from her parents. By verbally stating her desires, she can cause an amazingly wide variety of effects, as long as she says it backwards. With her magic she also has control over the elements including: earth, wind, water, and fire.


Zatanna is the only daughter of John Zatara and Sindella. Her father was a magician who used his skills to combat crime and her mother was of a race of humans known as Homo magi, a people with natural magical abilities. Zatanna inherited the abilities of both her father and her mother. Her mother died shortly after her birth, and she was raised by her father. Since John was a stage magician, Zatanna spent a lot of time on the road with him, eventually becoming his assistant and student. By her late teens she was already beginning her own career as a stage performer.

An evil elemental entity known as Allura placed a curse on John Zatara when Zatanna was eighteen years old. If the Zatanna ever saw her father, the two of them would die. John placed himself in another dimension in order to protect his daughter. Zatanna left her stage career behind in order to search for her father. She teamed up with a number of super heroes during her quest. Eventually, the clues led her to an alternate dimention known as Kharma. Zatanna found her father, and Allura's good counterpart who forced Allura to remove her curse. Thus Father and Daughter were reunited and returned to Earth.

After working with so many super heroes in hopes of finding her father, Zatanna decided to use her abilities as a crimefighter. Before long she joined the JLA, and contributed her mystic abilities in a number of adventures with them. It was wile she was with the JLA that she discovered her mother's people, the Hidden Ones and the fact that her mother was still alive. However, it was not a good reunion. Her mother had to sacrifice herself in order to prevent the Hidden Ones from capturing Zatanna and possibly killing her father John. Zatara retired shortly after that adventure, only to be killed right in front of Zatanna while fighting a some form of primordial shadow creature. Her father's soul was captured by the villainous Sorcerer Wotan, but with the Spectre's help Zatanna was able to release his spirit from its prison in limbo.

After the breakup of the JLA, Zatanna joined with several other mages to initiate Tim Hunter into the world of magic. She later befriended him, acting as him mentor for a time. Zatanna retreated from both the public eye, and the superhero community to better explore her Homo Magi heritage. A newly focused Zatanna emerged to join with a group of mages led by the Phantom Stranger to stop the Spectre from destroying the Earth. After Metropolis was destroyed in the massive clone war, and by Lex Luthor's failsafes, Zatanna used the memories of Metropolis's greatest heroes and citizens to restore the entire city to its original, pristine, state with her magic.