Real Name: Patrick Robert Jones
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Highschool Student, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Young Justice HQ
Group Affiliation: Young Justice
Known Relatives: Unnamed parents
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


Patrick Jones was always a kid who felt popularity was extremely important, as well as success. To reach these ends, he excelled in school -- both academically and athletically. Paired with his best friend Darin, they were the most popular students in school, and the leaders of every sports team they participated in. One day, while working out alone before practice with darin, each boy manifested metahuman abilities. Confiding only in each other, the two set out to use their powers to excell even further in sports, raising their popularity and increasing their chances for college scholarships (for more info on Darin, see the bio for Force). Neither boy saw anything wrong in using their powers to insure their personal success, and got away with the act for over a year; Patrick has set the record for every timed track and field event for the state of Missouri.

One day, during a football game, one of their team mates simply burst into flames, with no apparent cause. Young Justice soon arrived on the scene to investigate, and learned of the boys' powers. It was discovered that a Durlan contingency of the intergalactic domination group the Dark Circle had been conducting experiments introducing the metagene into Terran children, and the gene was unstable, often killing the child. Together with Darin, Young Justice and a few other test children, Patrick helped to overthrow the Durlans' plot, and the children were eventually gene-stabilized so they wouldn't die. Their identity still uncompromised, Patrick and Darin joined Young Justice. Since joining Young justice he has developed an attraction towards Bliss, which he covers up by constantly trying to get her and Darin together.

Powers and Skills

Patrick is an extremely accomplished athelete, even since before the arrival of his powers. In addition to being powerfully built, he excells at wrestling and running. The metagene has awakened an ability within him to partially tap in to the forces of time itself. Through use of basic time-manipulation Patrick is able to simulate superspeed for himself or others, create stasis fields, fly, heal at exceptionally fast rates, and alter his vibrational speed in relation to other objects. At this time it is unknown if this is the extent of his powers' ability to tap into the Time-force.