Uncle Sam

Alter Ego: Samuel (last name unknown)
Occupation: Patriot, Adventurer
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: All Star Squadron (former), Freedom Fighters (former)
Base of Operations: The United States of America
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

In 1777, Hessian soldiers who were serving the British side in the American Revolutionary War were puruing a wagon train bringing supplies to General george Washington's troops at Valley Forge. With out those supplies, the American cause was doomed.

One of the men accompanying the wagon train was a courageous, white-haired patriot named Sam who tricked the Hessian troops into pursuing him while the wagon train got away safely. Sam's plan succeeded, but Hessian soldiers gunned him down. As Sam lay dying, he had a vision of the spirit of American freedom, who appeared as a bearded, white-haired man garbed in the costume wo now know as that of Uncle Sam. Sam's spirit rose from his body and united with the spirit of freedom, which told him, "we will be one, as you guide America through the future."

Through the succeeding decades, the being known as Uncle Sam appeared to help Americans in times of turmoil. He fought alongside Americans on the battlefield and helped them fight for their rights against oppression within America.

In 1940 Uncle Sam, the spirit of liberty, decided to come to life again now that America was threatened by the Axis power and by subversives such as the Black Legions. The spirit of of Uncle Same appeared to a white-haired midwestern patriot named Samuel, who opposed the Black Legions. The spirit merged with Samuel, who became the new Uncle Sam and defeated the Legions and other enemies of freedom.

In 1941, Uncle Sam had a vision of Japanese zeroes bombing an American naval base, while he is fighting a group of homegrown fascists called Steel Helmets. With the threat impending, Uncle Sam recruited a number of costumed heroes as members of a team that would be known as the Freedom Fighters. This first set of Freedom Fighters engaged a group of Japanese zeroes over the Pacific Ocean on December 7, 1941. This team succeeded in preventing the first wave of Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, but Uncle Sam's first incarnation of Freedom Fighters are apparently all killed in their first foray (although it is later revealed Neon The Unknown and Magno are the only ones to actually perish). Only Uncle Sam escaped relatively unscathed.

Later, Sam recruits a new team with Black Condor, Doll Man, the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, the Ray, and the Red Bee and for a time, they operated under the larger All-Star Squadron organization. This group fared much better than the previous one, but on one mission they were captured by Baron Blitzkrieg , who killed the Red Bee. It was soon thereafter, the Freedom Fighters separated from the All-Star Squadron and were based in Washington D.C.

Even when not leading the Freedom Fighters, Uncle Sam fights alongside ordinary Americans everywhere. From the battlefields of World War II to the jungle swamps of Vietnam to the Middle Eastern desert, Uncle Sam has been there.

Uncle Sam possesses superhuman strength and a large measure of invulenerability. He has limited ability to travel into other dimensions by concentrating. He does not age, and possibly it is he who kept the Freedom Fighters young over the decades.