REAL NAME: Jonathan Richmore
OCCUPATION: Adventurer, Champion of Order
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Titans Tower: San Luis Obispo, CA
HEIGHT: 6’2”
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black

HISTORY: Jonathan Richmore was an average student, until he came across a crystal in a museum. The crystal contained the essence of an exiled Lord of Order, Chryxmantium (Kriks-man-tium). When a couple of thugs shattered the crystal, the mystical essence of Chryxmantium merged with Jon’s body and gave him tremendous psychic powers. Jon decided to use the Lord’s power to fight evil. Taking the name “Psi”, he joined the ranks of Young Justice and the JLA for a while, proving to be a valuable asset to both teams in battle.

When the Lords of Order learned of Chryxmantium’s release, they sent an agent to test Psi to see if he was worthy of Chryxmantium’s power. Showing great wisdom and responsibility to achieve victory over his opponent, Psi won the respect of the Lords of Order and became their newest champion. Leaving Earth, Psi crossed over with the Lords of Order to the magical world of Druspa Tau to train in the use of his telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Months later, Psi returned to Earth as the enigmatic Epsilon, going undercover and joining Titans West to keep a watchful eye on Witchfire, a sorceress whose abilities caught the attention of both houses of the Lords of Order and Chaos. During the War of the Gods, Epsilon’s true identity was revealed. Now as Psi, he continues to use his mental powers to fight evil and injustice as a loyal and dedicated team player on Titans West.

POWERS: Psi is tele-empathic. His powers include empathy, telepathy, and telekinesis.

 EMPATHY: Psi is very attuned to his surroundings and can sense the feelings of others or changes in the environment.

 TELEPATHY: Psi can read minds and can establish a psychic rapport with others. This power is advantageous on Away-Team missions.

 TELEKINESIS: Psi can move objects with his mind. He can also focus his telekinesis through his hands (i.e., tactile telekinesis), thus giving him the appearance of having super-strength. By lifting himself mentally, he has the ability to fly.


 When on the offensive, Psi attacks with brain blasts (which are much like brain freezes), which mentally cripple his opponents with excruciating pain. He can also focus his mental energy into a pile-driving force.

 For defensive purposes, Psi can create mental shields for protection of himself and/or others.

 Psi can project totally credible and tangible illusions into the minds of targeted individuals, making them see what he wants them to see.

 Psi can also mentally control the motor responses of another human body for a brief period of time. When using this power, it involves his total concentration, leaving him vulnerable and open to attack. The weaker the person’s will, the easier it is for him to stay in control. If the subject is strong-willed, Psi can only stay in control for a few minutes. (Psi does not use this manipulation power too often because it physically and mentally drains him, and he must recuperate afterwards.)

Psi is believed to be one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth.

(Psi created by brian Mendus)