Mr. Miracle


Alais: Scott Free
Occupation: Excape Artist
Base of Operation: Earth
Marital Status: Widower
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Family: Big Barda (Wife-Deceased), __(Daughter), Izaya AKA Highfather (Father-Deceased), Darkseid (Adoptive Father), New Gods
Group Affiliation: JLA


Scott Free is the son of Izaya the Highfather of New Genesis. In a pact between the warring worlds of New Genesis and Apokalips, he was traded to Darkseid, the ruler of Apokalips, in exchange for his son, Orion. Scott was thrown into the orphanage of Granny Goodness, who was, sadly enough, the only parent he ever really had. She put him through hell, just like all her other "children," to the point where he could stand no more. He often caused trouble and rebelled against his captors and trainers. In one rebellion, he met Big Barda, the leader of the Female Furies. He was able to escape her fury, but in fact he had impressed her, and over time she began to have feelings for him. With the help of various parties, he escaped Apokalips to Earth. There, he met an escape artist named Thaddeus Brown. Brown was soon killed by the criminal Steel Hand, and Scott avenged his new friend's death by taking on the identity of Thaddeus Brown and brought Steel Hand to justice. Mister Miracle was born. Eventually, Big Barda found Scott on Earth, and they were happily reunited. The two fell deeply in love, and some time later, were married by Highfather himself.

Mr. Miracle, aiding the super-heroes of Earth, joined the newly-reformed Justice League of America. Soon after the Justice League found itself on the front lines of the battle against the Avatar. Barta was numbered among those killed in action. Not long after, when it came time for Scott to take the rank of Highfather after Izaya's death, he turned down the position and abandoned his god-powers for a more solitude life on Earth, mourning the death of his wife. Whatever super-powers he had are gone, after he had the wizard Shazam take them away. He has always relied on technological gadgets, concealed within his costume, and his quick wits. He transports himself with aero-discs, which he obtained in his days on Apokalips. And most of all, like all the New Gods, he is always equipped with his trusty Mother Box.