Danger Girl

Real Name: Paeyrll Lax of Okaara
Occupation: Student
Group Affiliation: Legion Academy, New Outsiders
Base of Operations: Montauk Point Academy, Justice Cave
Known Relatives: none
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Purple


Paeyrll's true anscestry is unknown, she is not a native of Okaara, but she was mysteriously found there and taken in to be trained as a warrior. At the ascent of puberty she manifested bizarre new powers, and working them into her training, excelled as a warrior. Paeyrll, however, has a highly dangerous lack of scruples and morality, and was expelled from the planet Okaara after she killed an instructor who angered her. She was turned over to the Legion Academy by UP authorities to continue training, and learn about kindness, love, peace and selflessness; she immediately set herself at odds with her roommatewho fears for her life, but she has shown a surprising increase in teamwork and is shown to be improving constantly on a social level. She has always striven to be the very best combatant, her largest desire to return to Okaara and rule it, and thus has always excelled quickly in learning combat techniques, weapons, and the use of her own powers. Despite her age, her skill marked her for recruitment into Brainiac 5.1's private guard when he was insane and ruling the UP; the Legion, however, rescued her from that fate, and has kept her on the move with them since. As a part of the mission to stop Brainy's last fateful attempt to change history, she has become stranded with other Legionnaires in the 20th Century.
Since then Paeyrll has been a member of Young Justice, the Outsiders, Doom Patrol and most recently L.E.G.I.O.N. Avoiding closeness or ties with anyone, she abandons teams for new adventures seemingly whenever the whim, or boredom, strikes her.


Danger Girl is a superb hand-to-hand fighter, weapons user and marksman. In addition, she has the metahuman ability to telekinetically attract and repel things to/from her body, create her own Boom-Tube, heal herself and others, travel through time (by increments of minutes only) and emit blasts of energy. Under times of extreme stress, she has also shown the ability to bend reality to her will, but this is the one power she seemingly cannot summon for her use as she desires.

Image © David Peterson, 1998