Real Name: Nora Fries
Other Aliases:
Home Planet: Earth
Group Affiliation: Doom Patrol
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Known relatives: Victor Fries (the super villain Mr. Freeze, deceased)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105
Hair: white
Eyes: blue


After the death of Victor Frise aka Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost came forward and said that she could cure Fries. Several authorities questioned her motives but they allowed Frost to go through the treatment. The treatment left Nora in the same condition as Frost... While she can survive without a containment suit her skin temp. is near freezing... Killer Frost then delighted in telling Nora all the horrid details of what Victor did while Nora was comatose... Nora got angry at this hussy talking about her husband... they fought and Nora escaped from the authorities....

She has found out that most of what Frost said was true- however, while most people see Victor as a frozen monster... Nora feels that he just needed help, a calming influence. She doesn't approve of what he did- but part of her wonders if maybe she was there- if things might have been different.

She is currently hiding in an old meat packing plant in Gotham... planning her next move....

Powers and skills:

Nora retains all of the same powers over cold and cold production as the villain Killer Frost.