Mister Majestic

Real name: Faust Henrikkson
Occupation: Art dealer/collector, sorcerer
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Group Affiliation: the (new) Outsiders
Known Relatives: Thanatos (guardian)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165
Eyes: powder blue
Hair: Brown


Faust is amnesiac and remembers nothing of the first ten years of his life. His earliest memory is of being cared for by the Drake Thanatos in the British Isles. Thanatos took the role of Faust's guardian and protected the boy as if he were its own child. It is responsible for giving Faust his name, and is also responsible for Faust's training in the mystical arts. The two spent the next decade travelling all of the european and Asian continents, amassing knowledge, cultural and supposedly mystical artifacts, and wealth. At 21 Faust travelled to the Americas and used his magical powers to arrange for his identity to be legitimized, he then settled in to a penthouse in Metropolis where he could store his greatly growing collection (this was one year after the Crisis, which he avoided participating in) In the intervening years he amassed more and more wealth and artifacts, and bored, decided to begin using his powers in some sort of activity. Not really caring one way or the other, he crafted a costume and decided fate would tell him whether he should be hero or villain.

On his first trip out and about in his new identity as Mister Majestic, he learned of Young Justice, and learned of the great surplus in missing heroes, he took this as his sign and imposed himself on Young Justice during a PR mission of theirs in Central Park. While he's moved on to an advisory status in the Outsiders, he still can be found helping his first team mates out from time to time. Faust continues searching the globe for more artifacts, wealth and power, and he has recently rented one of the rooms in his home in hopes of having an extra eye around to stave off possible burglars who might set off a good deal more trouble than they intend.

Powers and Skills

Faust is not Homo-Magi, but he still excells at the mystical arts, rivalling Nabu in power, but not in resolve. In addition, Faust is extremely well learned in many various scholarly subjects including cultural anthropology, linguistics, astrology, applied sciences, art...