Real Name: Koriand'r
Occupation: Stock Analyst, Adventurer
Base of Operation: Washington, D.C.
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 6'0"
Wt: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Family: Myand'r (Father-deceased), Luand'r (Mother-deceased), Komand'r (Sister-deceased), Ryand'r (Brother), Karras (Husband- deceased), Ph'yzzon (Husband-deceased), Richard Grayson (husband)
Group Affiliation: Titans

Koriand'r is the second born of King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r, rulers of the planet Tamaran. She lived an ideal life on the planet of free emotions, except for her conflicts with her sister, Komand'r. Koriand'r loved being able to soar through the air, and tried to love her sister as best she could, but Komand'r's bitterness stopped that. Because of Komand'r's sickliness, Koriand'r received the right of ascension from her sister, which only fuelled the conflict between the two. Koriand'r first learned of Komand'r's brutality when she was beaten by Komand'r after an attack by the Citadel. Komand'r claimed that Koriand'r had laughed at her because she could not fly. Koriand'r denied this saying that Komand'r hated her because she couldn't fly. Komand'r replied back saying "I don't need to fly. I have all the power I need here in my fists." A few months later the two sisters were taken to the dead moon of Okaara to be trained there by the warlords. More time went by as the two sisters were taught how to fight and win. One of the rituals involved was called Kynasf'rr, The Way of the Warrior. Two warlords took both Komand'r and Koriand'r down a dark tunnel to begin the ritual. While Komand'r was silent and accepted what she had to do, Koriand'r pleaded with her father and mother to not have them take her away from them. It wasn't until her scream echoed through the cavern that her father let go of his queen's hand and rushed pass the Warlord to rescue his daughter. A few days later, during another training exercise Komand'r showed the true extent of her treachery when she killed the mount Koriand'r was on, lassoed her sister, and dragged her along the cave floor. Koriand'r managed to cut herself free, and threw a shield at Komand'r's mount. Instead of falling to the floor, both Komand'r and her mount fell over the side of a cliff wall. Koriand'r raced down and saved her sister from death, which Komand'r repayed by beating her sister mercilessly until stopped by the Warlords. Disgusted with her performance and her actions, the Warlord's banished Komand'r from Okaara. Komand'r never returned to Tamaran. The Royal family returned to Tamaran, confident in the new defences they had set up. Their defences were bypassed though as a new Citadel fleet attacked the planet killing 5 million people. Finally, a truce was made only to have dire consequences. Koriand'r was given up by her father, Myand'r, in an effort to preserve peace on Tamaran. Koriand'r arrived on the Citadel ship only to find her sister in charge. The next six years were made up of pain, humiliation, and abuse by her sister. Koriand'r never gave up and submitted to her sister though, which at times brought harsher punishment. This struggle between the siblings ended though when the ship they were on was attacked and disabled by the Psions. The two sisters were then subjected to multiple experiments, one of which included their ability to store solar energy. The experiment was interrupted by an attack, which overloaded the machines the sisters were attached to. The resulting explosion scattered the pair as the Psion ship was boarded. Koriand'r woke up first and disabled some attackers with her new ability to fire the solar energy as destructive energy she called starbolts. Trying to help her sister, Koriand'r was attacked an knocked unconscious for her help by her sister's own starbolts. Taken prisoner again by her sister, Koriand'r remained captive until she took advantage of a guard and killed him. She then escaped the slave ship she was on and commandeered a shuttle and fled into space, finally arriving on Earth.

She crashed landed on Earth, but was rescued by Grant Wilson who brought her to his apartment and nursed her wounds. Followed by the Gordanians, she was again captured by them, but the Titans rescued Koriand'r from their ship and wired it to explode as it flew away from Earth. Starfire stayed with the Titans, sticking close to Wonder Girl and Raven at first. The female members of the Titans were called by Kid Flash to the waterfront, where they disabled a drug theft operation. Nightwing lunged at Starfire, the name the Titans gave Koriand'r because of her powers, when she began to destroy all the evidence. Sensing that Nightwing was frustrated that he couldn't understand her language and that she couldn't understand theirs, Starfire kissed him. A moment later, she spoke to Nightwing in English, having absorbed the English language from him. With the language barrier shattered, Starfire stayed with the Titans as they relaxed at Changeling's mansion.

Upon returning to New York, she was attacked by Gordanians who then succeeded in capturing Starfire and bringing her back to her sister Komand'r who had taken the name of Blackfire. The Titans followed her into space and with the help of the Omega Men succeeded in rescuing her. Her fight with Komand'r ended on her home planet of Tamaran where the two duelled across the countryside until they both fell over a waterfall. Recovering with help from Raven, Starfire was reunited with her brother Ryand'r and her parents for the first time in years. Her reunion was short though as her father revealed that if she was to stay the planet would be destroyed.

On the flight back to Earth, Nightwing approached Kori and said that he would like to get into a relationship with her, telling her that it may be difficult due to being raised by Batman. The two agreed to work things out though and slowly began a relationship.

When the Crisis first started, Kori worked with the Titans on Earth to try to prevent the loss of life any way they could. A few days later though, all of the Titans were transported on board a starship piloted by Captain Karras, telling Starfire that she had to return to Tamaran. All but Nightwing, Jericho, and Starfire returned to Earth as the ship headed for Tamaran. On the way, she talked with Nightwing who said that he felt something was being hidden from them but didn't know what. Kori told him not to worry and that everything would be fine not knowing that they were being watched by Taryia, the woman who loved Karras. Arriving on Tamaran she was quickly reunited with her parents. Later, a transmission between Kori and her brother is interrupted when the ship he is on goes into warp. Dick tries to tell her again that something is going on as Komand'r watches them in her room.

The next night after a hunting trip, Kori is told by her father that she can never return to Earth. He also then explains that in order to keep the peace on the planet, she must marry a man from another house on the planet. Karras then speaks up saying that he is the one she must marry despite Dick and Kori's protests. The next day Kori found herself against the Omega Men, including her brother but finally managed to defeat them with the help of Joe Wilson. Kori offered to help the Omega Men search for the goddess X'Hal, but stopped to look for Dick who had disappeared. She found him outside, frustrated that she wouldn't go against her father in the marriage. She was shocked when he said it over between them if she went through with the marriage. She finally got some sleep after talking with her brother.

She woke up the next morning to discover Tariya and Karras talking with each other reaffirming each other's love for each other, discovering that he did not want to go through the marriage like she didn't. Later, she is dressed in her wedding gown and goes through the streets of the city on her wedding march. Arriving at the steps of a statue of X'Hal, Kori turns to see Dick, Joey, and her brother arrive. Waiting for Dick to say something, she is saddened to see him turn away as she is joined with Karras. As soon as the wedding is done though, Komand'r attacks the city. Kori attacks her sister one on one, but stops when she finds out that a bomb has been placed in the city and will detonate unless their father abdicates the throne. Komand'r laughs at Koriand'r, telling her that if she had waited a few more minutes the wedding wouldn't have happened. Later King Myand'r leaves the throne to Komand'r after hearing the people shout her name.

Koriand'r and her parnets are placed on a ship in orbit around Tamaran as Komand'r begins a speech to the people of the planet. As the ship is travelling to the planet Okarra, one of the guards on the ship puts Kori and her parents in an escape pod and flies them away from the ship as it explodes. On the planet Okaara, Kori is soon reunited with Karras, not saying a word to Dick. The next few days she trains with the Warlords and the few people of Tamaran that are loyal to the King. She is finally confronted by Dick though, who tells her to forget she ever knew him. As he leaves Okarra, Kori's echoes of "I Love You" travel through the caverns. After Dick has left, she finds comfort in Karras' arms.

In an alternate time-line, Kori renounced her title and for the love of Dick. They grew to have a long stable relationship, culminating in Starfire's impregnation with Dick's child. Shortly after this, Impulse is manipulated into almost destroy the Universe, causing Starfire to shift from her own reality into the final one, where her counter-part self had died sometime before in the battle against the Avatar. POWERS

Starfire's genetic makeup allows her to naturally fly. When she does, her long hair creates a trail behind her, which dissipates soon after her passing. She is also able to absorb the language of others through physical contact. Her preference is to kiss the opposite person, which although may get her into more trouble, is much more enjoyable.

Due to the experimentation by the Psions, Starfire now can fire solar energy bolts from her hands, called 'starbolts'. These bolts are absorbed by exposure to a sun, allowing her skin to absorb the rays and convert it into the energy she can fire. Starfire also exhibits greater strength, endurance, and speed.