Real Name: Lilith Clay-Jupiter
Occupation: Go-go dancer, carnival mentalist (both former)
Known Relatives: Loren Jupiter (father), Jarrod "Haze" Jupiter (half-brother, deceased), Mr and Mrs. Clay (adoptive parents)
Group Affilation: The Teen Titans (both incarnations, former), Titans West (former), New Teen Titans (former)
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 104 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red


As a young girl, Lilith was adopted from a county orphanage in rural Kentucky. She remained unaware of the identity of her birth parents until her powers manifested themselves at around her 13th birthday. She read her parents minds, and thereby discovered that they were not her natural parents. At the age of 16, Lilith left town, searching all alone for her natual parents, to no avail. Lilith was always something of a tumbleweed, traveling from California to NYC and points in between with no specific life goals, or none she's willing to share. During one of her visits to New York, Lilith met millionaire Loren Jupiter (it is unclear, at this point in time, wether or not she knew him to be her father), and took part in one of his training programs, eventually recruiting the original Teen Titans to do the same. She eventually joined the Titans herself, giving the Titans leads through her mysterious precognition.

Lilith participated in the forming of the Titans West, and acted as leader of the group. During her tenure on the Titans West, Lilith became seriously romantically involved with Don Hall (Dove I). It was also during this time that Lilith also met G'narrk, a resurrected cave-boy found in suspended animation. She feel in love with G'narrk, despite her relationship with Don. Unfortunately, their love would never last; G'narrk died soon after his resurrection. She and Don broke up not long after.

After Titans West folded, Lilith attended the wedding of Donna Troy alone. She later aided the Titans in a battle with Trigon, the demon father of Raven. She temporarily replaced Raven in the aftermath of this confrontation. Lilith's next romantic conquest was with a mysterious winged alien named Azrael. Lilith left the Titans again once Azrael left on a self-journey. Lilith aided the Titans on only one more occasion after this, alerting the New Titans to Troia's condition in the "War of the Gods" affair.

It was Lilith, now using the name and guise of "Omen", who was responsible for the kidnapping of Argent, Joto, and Risk. She brought the teenagers to Mr. Jupiter (whom she is now aware is her father), and with the teenagers, helped created a second group of Teen Titans. Omen aided the new group with all of their adventures until the time the team disbanded. Most recently, Omen helped save Victor Stone's soul buy providing him with the Omegadrome (a suit he no longer uses).

Powers and Abilities

Omen has incredibly powerful sensory abilities. She most often uses her precognitive and teleportional powers, but she is also known to display telepathy and hypnotic powers when needed. Omen can sense psychic residues around her, and can percieve mystical realities and pathyways. She also claims to possess "thought remains" of every Titan to have ever been part of the team. It has been hinted that Omen may possess other abilities she has not yet displayed.