The grand ol' 2nd Anniversary Celebration Trivia Contest!


1. You only get ONE shot. Make sure you have the answers right before sending them in to me because there are no second tries.

2. Email your answers to me at (actual link provided elsewhere) and do NOT send them via any of the game email lists (don't want to share your answers with someone else, esp. as you may be incorrect).

3. You may email me, if stumped, for a grand total of THREE hints (you may email 3 times for one hint each, or other combinations so long as they comprise no more than a total of three hints)

4. The deadline is February 1st, so take your time. Though, the first set of correct answers that I receive will be the winner.
(4a. Do not try and be crafty by altering the time/date on your computer in order to get an earlier submission time, I will notice it, and consider it cheating -- which will disqualify you)

5. In the event of a tie, certain questions (known only to me) have secret extra-credit values applied to them in the event you can provide a piece of added trivia on top of the actual correct answers
e.g. If I were to ask for you to name all of the heroes who use the name Flash and you included a supplementary answer indicating alternate universe flashes AFTER listing all the flashes required for the answer, you'd receive extra credit and would have a higher chance of winning in the very unlikely situation that 2 or more of you send in the correct answers at the same exact time.

6. In the event that no one succeeds in answering all the questions correctly, I will hold a lightning round for either the top three or top five closest entries (will be determined by number of entries).

7. If anything is unclear about the RULES, feel free to email for clarification

8. The semantics of the actual questions DO count, so pay close attention to the wording.

9. You should not work together. If I learn anyone has given anyone else any of the answers that person will be disqualified. This bunch is notoriously bad at keeping things quiet too, so odds are you can't be sneaky enough.

10. Good luck!


1. In current continuity, name the founding members of the JLA:
2. In current continuity, name the founding members of the Legion of Super Heroes:
3. In current continuity, name the founding members of Young Justice:
4. In current continuity, name the founding members of Superboy and the Ravers:
5. In current continuity, name the founding members of the original Teen Titans:
6. Who was not a member of the All Star Squadron: General Glory, Liberty Belle, Mr. America, Miss America, Uncle Sam?
7. In current continuity, who is the first female to join the Justice League after it's formation by its founding five members: Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Zatanna?
8. Who are the members of Section Eight?


9. How did Earth-2's Catwoman, Selina Wayne, die?
10. Which of the following did not give a speech at Hal Jordan's funeral: Guy Gardner, Alan Scott, Superman, Black Canary, Flash?
11. Who was the killer's 1st victim in The Long Halloween?
12. Name two members of the JSA who have died SINCE Zero Hour, in continuity.
13. As of 11-28-00, name all of the memebrs of the Justice League (excluding JL;TF and Extreme Justice) who are dead.
14. How did the Crimson Avenger die?
15. Who or what was the very first to meet death at the hands of Doomsday?
16. Which of Superboy's ex-girlfriends was recently killed?

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION (Rules: You need to connect the two people supplied in six connections or less. Simply having teamed up once or twice, or during company-wide cross-overs doesn't count - i.e. Impulse doesn't connect to Ray just because they were both around at the meetings during Final Night. Connections need to be more real, they trained together, were members of the same team, are related, are reincarnations of each other, etc. In the aforementioned example, Impulse would connect to Ray this way: Impulse-Wally West (quasi-related, Flash family, etc.)-Wonder Woman (on JLA together)-Ray II (also on JLA, diff. team, together)-Ray (father of Ray II) - and that's under six steps. cool?)

17. Oliver Queen to Phantom Lady II (Dee Tyler):
18. Impulse to Tim Hunter:
19. Shining Knight to Cheshire:
20. Scalphunter to Pol Krinn:
21. Dolphin to Blue Beetle (Ted Kord):

NAME MORE THAN ME (you get credit for naming more on the list than I could come up with. e.g If I said I could name 12 GLs, if you named 13, you would get the point)

22. Characters in the DCU who are clones (excluding the Newsboy Legion). I can name 8.
23. Heroes in the DCU, live or dead, who have other Heroes in the DCU, live, dead, active, retired, etc. for parents. Step-parents, foster and adoptive parents count. I can name 23.
24. Heroes in the DCU who are divorced. I can name only one.
25. Members of the Flash's Rogue's Gallery, reformed or not. I can name 7.
26. Members of the Batman's Rogue's Gallery. I can name 14.

VERTIGO (The following questions will all pertain to Vertigo books and characters, both currently in print, cancelled series, and mini series)

27. Who are the Trenchcoat Brigade?
28. Name the girl John Constantine failed to save in Newcastle.
29. What city is the setting for Deadenders?
30. What was Lucas Hart's favorite story as a child?
31. For a short while Tim Hunter had two tattoos. What were they of?
32. This Vertigo one-shot was a true biography of its artist, who died from AIDS related complications before the writing on the book was completed:
33. What is the name of the supernatural spirit court in House of Secrets?
34. Who vomited on Brother Power, the Geek, at a Y2K New Year's Eve party?
35. What was the name of John Constantine's punk-rock band?
36. Which of these Vertigo series are not spin-offs of previous series, Vertigo or otherwise: Names of Magic, Hellblazer, Sandman Presents, Witchcraft, the Dreaming, Lucifer, Seekers into the Mystery?


37. List six Legionnaires from the pre-boot that have yet to appear in the post-boot.
38. What drug did Schvaugn Erin rely on to maintain her desired form?
39. Which of the team's founders never became a father?
40. List all of the pre-boot Legionnaires who died:
41. Which former Sub went on to serve two terms as Legion Leader?
42. Which former Sub served only one term as Legion leader?
43. Which Legion couple was the first to marry?
44. Who discovered the Quintile Crystal?


45. List all of the Legion's leaders, in order. There have been 6.
46. List five Legionnaires post-boot who did not exist pre-boot:
47. Who did Brainiac 5 give telepathic earplugs to in the 20th century?
48. Which Legion couple is the first to marry?
49. What is the name of the Earthgov spy organization Lyle Norg once worked for?
50. What is Wildfire's post-boot origin?
51. How did Andromeda betray the Legion?
52. Which of the following is not a villainous organization in the post-boot Legion universe: White Triangle, Grey Square, Dark Circle?

WILDSTORM (these questions pertain to characters/series, etc. from the Wildstorm imprint of DC Comics)

53. Which members of Stormwatch died in WildC.A.T.S./Aliens?
54. Who is not a member of Gen13: Fairchild, Freefall, Burnout, Threshold?
55. Backlash's daughter has not gone by which of these codenames: Azure, Jet, Crimson?
56. Who is the 4th Man?
57. What did the C.A.T. in WildC.A.T.s stand for?


58. Prior to Crisis, which member of the JSA was Firestorm infatuated with?
59. What is Ollie Queen's pet name for Dinah Lance?
60. Name all of the actors who have played Batman (Bruce Wayne) in theatrical releases:
61. Who convinced the Guardians to make G'Nort an official Green Lantern?
62. Who gave Fatality her combat training?
63. In year one, what were the names of the Riddler's two girl sidekicks?
64. Who teamed up with the New Teen Titans to sve Jesse and his older brother Dave from the evils of drugs?
65. What codename did the L.E.G.I.O.N. recruits go by?
66. Who gave Jack Knight the money to buy his new store after his first was destroyed?
67. Which four people enter Solomon Grundy's psyche in an attempt to ensure the "good" Grundy is the version to come back?
68. What is Superman's favorite Metallica album?
69. What is Batman's favorite Woody Allen movie?
70. What was Libby Lawrences career before jining the All Star Squadron?
71. What is Johnny Quick's spoken speed formula?
72. Carter Hall is the reincarnation of whom?
73. In what comic (title and issue number) did the Shining Knight premiere?
74. What was the identity the Golden Age Robotman, Dr. Robert Crane, invented for himself after his human body was gunned down?
75. What must Ce Ce Beck do in order to transform into Thunder?
76. Please provide the Green Lantern Oath as either Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner spoke it:
77. What was the first thing Joker said upon meeting the current Robin, Tim Drake?
78. In the movie Jaws, Quint's ship shares its name with what Batman villain?
79. In current continuity, name 4 people who have worn a Batgirl costume at least once.
80. Which of the following characters/teams has Superman not crossed over with: Gen 13, Savage Dragon, Madman, Hellboy?
81. Which of the following characters has Robin (Tim Drake) not locked lips with: Ariana Dzerchenko, Dava Sborsc, Jubilation Lee (Jubilee), Stephanie Brown (Spoiler), Cassandra Kain (Batgirl), Lady Shiva, Cissie Kin-Jones (Arrowette)?
82. Name the woman Zauriel sacrificed his place in Heaven for in order to be able to profess his love and pursue a future with her.
83. Who was Jason Todd's pen-pal?
84. Which O'Dare turned traitor?
85. What was the superheroic codename of Booster Gold's sister?
86. What assisted Robin (Tim Drake) in defeating Lady Shiva in single combat?
87. What assisted Robin (Jason Todd) in defeating Lady Shiva?
88. What do Hero Cruz, Flora Faust, Starman IV, and Tasmanian Devil have in common?
89. Who was Max Mercury stuck fighting during Impulse's first altercation with Inertia?
90. When Impulse received head injury while fighting Kali, who did he believe he was upon waking?

RPG QUESTION (These will all refer to events, characters, etc. specific to the RPG itself)

91. As of 12-22-00, name 5 Legionnaires not yet accounted for on any team or within the history section in the Age of Universo storyline.
92. What is Bad Friday?
93. Which of these characters does not have a villain for a parent: Spoiler, Danger Girl, Supervixen, Age of Universo Mon-El, Psi?
94. Name all of the villainous parents of the kids listed above in question 93.
95. Name one hero present at Black Friday who did not die.
96. List all of the members of the All Star Squadron who are clones.
97. Who is John Martin Zatara?
98. List the roster of The Horde.
99. Who was the apparent leader of the vampires responsible for wiping out New Orleans?
100. According to Dave, there are four great ways to annoy him. Name one.

The Prizes So Far

A piece of original art from either Adventures in the DCU Annual #1 page 33 featuring Superboy, and Zatanna (barely Zatanna) OR Detective Comics issue 729 page 18 featuring Robin and Nightwing and signed by Sal Buscema. The winner will get to choose from ONE of these.

A copy of the color art to the Impulse issue of Legendss of the DCU (don't know the issue #) featuring Impulse OR the Robin MINI statue OR Sterling Silver Superman Ring

The smaller contests:

1. The "____ is the coolest" contest.

I'm an English major, so I'm going to assign a grifing essay. Spelling and grammar only count if they're too distracting. What I want: an essay explaining why you think/know/feel that ______ is the coolest character in DC comics, between 750-1000 words, any fewer or more words will disqualify you. Winner will receive a Batman Sterling Silver ring and a signed comic or two.

2. Various random drawings with signed stuff and other merchandise for the winners

Websites that MIGHT help those who need to research the ones that stump them:

ASS/golden age:

JSA (current)


DCU Webguide

Legion of Super Resources

GL COrps

RPG Archives:

Young Justice





Titans West

Doom Patrol