Alias: Cliff Secord
Age: 30
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6"1


Cliff Secord was a stunt flight pilot back in 1944. He along with his elderly friend, Peevy would set up business in Hollywood California and let loose a spectacular show of piloting skills(though Cliff was usual the one in the air) Little did Cliff know that while he was away from his plane in the hangar, something would happen that would change his life forever.

It happened like this, when a armored mob car came flying down the road with more than a few cars following him. Some cops, most Feds. As the mob car neared the hangar where Cliff's plane was being kept, the driver veered out of control and crashed his car. Still conscious, the driver grabbed a wrapped up bundle out of his car and ran for the hangar. With the cops in close pursuit, the mobman opened fire on them. They of course, returned fire wounding him fatally. With his last ounce of strength, the dying mobtser placed his protected item into Cliff's plane, where the feds never found it.

The Item was reported lost to Washington, and the inventor was asked to build a replacement, seeing that one man had already lost his life because of it, he tossed the blueprints into the fireplace so that no one would ever be able to build it again. If they only knew that the original was not destroyed.....

As Cliff was running late for his show in the air, he hastily sat right down without looking in the seat of his plane. He landed right on the rocket, and immediately asked Peevy to examine it for him and take a look at it. Peevy did, and informed Cliff that it was some revolutionary jet pack, and that they should call the police about it, but Cliff knowing that their business was in trouble, convinced Peevy to keep it secret so that they would be able to use it in their show and allow them to keep their plane, and business. But it was that fateful choice that made Cliff perhaps a legend in the eyes of Americans everywhere.

When Cliff was late once again for his flight into the air, Cliff's and Peevy's manager sent up a replacement. Unfortuantely, he lost consciousness in the air and the plane was making a powerdive for the civilians below. Cliff seeing that his friend was in danger, immediately strapped on his pack, and his newly built helmet and took to the air. He was able to save the pilot, and veer the plane off into a nearby open road where it crashed and burned. The press seeing this flying man, immediately asked Cliff's manager who was this person. The manager not knowing really what to say, dubbed the mysterious man, "The Rocketeer"

After Washington and the mob got wind of this, both were after Cliff in a heartbeat. The Feds mainly because the inventor wanted the Rocket destroyed, so it would not fall into enemy hands. The Mob, because a Hollywood Actor by the name of Neville Sinclair hired them to obtain the rocket at any cost. Little did the mob know that Neville Sinclair, was an undercover Nazi. Cliff's girlfriend Jenny discovered this fact, and was immediately abducted to make Cliff give them the Rocket. Cliff informed the feds of this, and after the Feds still wanted the Rocket, Cliff decked them and took off towards Neville Sinclair. The Mob and Neville Sinclair were both waiting for Cliff, that is until Cliff informed the Mob that they were working for a Nazi. The mob may have been many things at that time in history, but it was surprising to learn Patriotic was one of them. The mob turned on Sinclair, which forced him to retreat with Jenny to his Zeppelin. Cliff still having the rocket, took to the air to rescue Jenny. After damagin the Zeppelin to the point of no hope, Sinclair held both Jenny and Cliff at Gunpoint demanding the rocket. But Cliff had one last ace up his sleeve. While he was testing it with Peevy, Cliff had knicked the rocket causing a dent in the fuel tank. It was small enough to fix(cliff put a wad of gum over the hole) and easily enough it seemed, to unfix. Before Cliff slid the rocket over to Sinclair, he took the wad of gum off and the rocket started to leak right away. Sinclair flew off thinking he was one, but the Rocket soon caught fire and sent Sinclair in a screaming powerdive right into the Hollywood sign with a giant explosion.

The Rocketeer was proclaimed a hero, but with the Rocket destroyed, the papers believed that so was the Rocketeer. Cliff went back to his stunt flying business thinking he would never be anything else again. That was until the inventor of the rocket Howard Hughes came to Cliff to tell him that the world could use a champion such as himself, and told Cliff if he accepted, a new rocket would be available for Cliff to once again, become the Rocketeer. Cliff accepted, and the Rocketeer became a hero during WWII. He became a leading source of hope, justice, and the american way.

Shortly after the war was over, Cliff was called to Washington to be awarded the Medal of Honor. He was quite pleased that Hughes was there. After Cliff was awarded this medal, Hughes asked him if he would be willing to undergo a top secret govt. experiment. It would be the first time a country would attempt to freeze a human being in ice, and bring him back after a few months time. Cliff thinking it was only for a few months, hesitantly agreed. Little did he know that this experiment would go on far longer than that. Cliff after being successfully placed in cryogenic stasis, was taken to a top secret govt. facility. But a few undercover Nazi's from after the war were employed there, and sabotaged the experiment. They scrambled the timer that was to automatically begin thawing Cliff out so bad, they could not bring Cliff back. This hit Hughes and Jenny exceptionaly hard, as they knew they would probably never see Cliff again. Since that time, Cliff has been frozen still in the govt facility. It's completly possible he could be unthawed in this day and age, but the govt officials who made him a priority were long gone, and Cliff has become just another project number. His equipment is still beside him. Waiting for their owner to wake back up. It's hard to say what will become of Cliff Secord, but maybe, just maybe he will very again.


Cliff's jet pack is a unique device running on alcohol. It's peak speed is anywhere from 250-300mph.

Cliff also has unique style of steel knuckles on each hand. He holds onto them via handles on the inside of his hand, and on the out a steel plate covers all of his knuckles for an added punch.

Cliff's helmet also provides decent protection from bullets, etc as well as being aero-dynamic allowing him to better steer himself.


Cliff is your average american after the war. Full of hope and pride for his country. A real women and children first class act all the way. Cliff does not realize if/when he wakes up that it wasn't 3 months that had passed, but more like 50 years. His whole life will have to adapt to that fact. Hopefully, if he ever becomes conscious of this world, he will have help to deal with that fact.