Alter Ego: Terry Grayson
Occupation: Adventurer
Known Relatives: Dick Grayson (Father; deceased), Jessica Belle Chambers-Grayson (Mother; deceased), Jen Grayson(Sister)
Team Affiliation: Young Justice; JLA 2020 (former)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Terry and Jen were very close to their parents. About the age of five, both would always watch the news for Nightwing's latest exploits. While Dick and Jesse would watch their children with pride in their eyes. Although Dickand Jesse always had meetings late at night and weren't able to see Terry and Jen as much as they liked. Jen also watched the news hoping their would be something about Quick on as well. When Terry and Jen were both about seven coming home from school, a group of tough gang members confronted the two and held them at gun point. The gang soon had two shadows cast over them from the rooftops. The two twins were stunned. Sure they had seen the "dynamic duo" on T.V. but never in person. Nightwing and Quick were on the villains very quickly. But Terry was bothered by the way the two dealt with the lowlives. He had never seen either of them ever fight that cruelly before. After the feud was over, Nightwing asked if they needed help getting home, but Terry said they were fine. Oddly enough, their parents seemed to know what happened to Jen and Terry that night. This caused Terry to be a little suspicious of his mother and father, but he thought that maybe Nightwing had reported the thugs already to the police.

About a year later. Terry and Jen were playing a game of hide and seek late at night on a weekend. When Terry accidentally slipped on a wet spot on the floor and put his hand through the Grandfather clock glass. Fortunately, Terry's arm was ok, but in pulling his arm out ever so carefully, he noticed a small switch on one of the sides. Upon pressing it, the clock slided back and revealed a stair case. Surprised by this, Terry lost his balance and started to fall down the stairs, Jen tried to pull him back, but only dragged herself along. When the two hit the bottom. They noticed the Bat-Cave for the first time. After exploring it a bit and wondering what the heck this place was, Nightwing and Jesse (in costumes) soon discovered the two. Terry and Jen, having seen that they were busted, tried to get out of there. But Jen was so scared, she took her brother's arm and the next thing they both knew, they were outside the house. Jen, very frightened by the experience, took off away from the house leaving Terry on the lawn. He soon saw Jesse emerge, and in a similar blur, take off in Jen's direction. Worried about his sister, Terry soon saw that he had his own problems. Nightwing had come up, and was looking right at Terry. Terry, more than little on edge, started tearing away from the house as fast as he could. When he was about to jump the wall, he was caught in mid-air and turned so that he was facing Nightwing. But Nightwing had taken off his mask....and Terry was looking directly at his father.

Nightwing and Jesse (knowing full well this would happen sooner or later) then took the kids down and explained everything to them. Everything from Bruce Wayne's remarkable crusade, to the mysterious disappearance of Spoiler and Robin. The kid's wanted to help their parents, and since Jen needed to practice her obvious speedster powers anyway. Nightwing hesitantly agreed. Nightwing trained Terry very hard. Everything from self defense to detective skills. While Jen was always with her mother getting a handle on her speedster powers.

A year later, tragedy had struck the family. When Jesse was helping to avert a terrorist bombing, she managed to get all of the civilians out, but was caught in the bomb's explosion. She did not survive. This hit the kids very hard as they were only 9. Terry could tell this had taken a serious toll on his father. He was fighting more ruthlessly, putting thugs in the hospital for no reason. Terry always tried to be there for his father, but it wasn't enough. Terry late at night the next day, then disguised himself in a hockey ski mask and a baseball bat, then went out and followed his father around. When he knew Nightwing was watching him, Terry took the bat and smashed out a car's windshield, knowing Nightwing would think it was a common thug stealing a car or something. Nightwing was on him in an instant. When Nightwing was very close to breaking his leg, Terry took off his mask and revealed himself. Surprised, Dick demanded what Terry was doing. To which Terry replied, showing Nightwing the fear of Gotham he had become. Dick, realizing this had happened with Bruce when he lost Jason, promised Terry he would never stray again. Which he never did. Dick went back to his old self, and helped the kids with their grief, along with his own.

Unfortunately, fate reared its ugly head on the Grayson Family one more time. The Executioner(5) came to Gotham and was killing for no other reason than the thought that he could. He was also hunting down the members of the JLA. The JLA successfully beat the Executioner, but not without first killing most of them....including Nightwing. Terry and Jen both saw it happen on Gotham News. Jen went up to her room and cried, while Terry could do nothing but look at the screen, expressionless and motionless.

After a while, Commissioner Gordon (Barbara) arrived at the house. After comforting the two for a few days, she then gave Jen and Terry, new identities, and a disc that Barbara told them they all needed to see. Terry placed the disc in the player in the Bat-Cave. Dick soon appeared, and told the kids that Gotham needed heroes and that they were elected. Jen was to be given the title of her mother, but Terry was not to get the title of his father. Dick told Terry that Gotham needed something it hasn't had for a long time. Dick then showed Terry the location of his suit in the batcave, and gave him the title of the "Batman".

Terry didn't feel he was ready, but could not find it in his heart to go against his father's last wishes. Terry Became the "tomorrow night" (as the citizens of gotham began calling him) and did his best to live up to the title and expectations along with it.

After a few years of nailing low-lives, Terry and Jen were approached by Superboy to join the new JLA. Terry didn't see much sense in it, but decided to go along with his sister. Terry and Jen were on the roster, but never really met with the JLA more than once or twice a year. After a routine meeting however, Terry solved the one case that his father could not. After a blinding flash of light, Terry saw Robin and The Spoiler along with the rest of the YJ that had disappeared 20 years ago. After hearing the YJ's story, the JLA didn't want to do anything to help. Terry didn't see a point in this other than personal ones, so he went under Kon and told them he would help. Jen wanted to as well, but the JLA didn't know Batman and Quick were related (or there identities for that matter) and Terry wanted Jen to play the tough girl card. Jen played it well, and in a few blurs slipped Terry a few equations that would help them get to where they needed to.

Terry took YJ to the batcave and after a few hours, they were ready to leave. There was only one problem. One of the heroes from the JLA would have to go with them to complete the gateway. Jen knew that Terry would volunteer, and wished her brother well, though she hated that they may never see each other again.

They all soon arrived in 1999. Robin (who had not liked Terry from the get-go) and Spoiler (ditto) called for a vacation. Terry went with Katie, who he had taken quite a liking too. After a brief experience with Danger Girl, Terry lost his temper, and put his fist through the wall of where he and Katie were staying. Robin knew that Terry would need to adapt, and took him to the Batcave to see Nightwing and Jesse. Terry had only given YJ his fake name (though Mcguiness was actually his middle) and knew that this wasn't going to be easy.

Nightwing and Jesse interrogated Terry, and Terry eventually cracked and told them everything. After much conversation between Robin, Jesse, Dick, and Steph, (terry was tranqed) it was decided that Terry was to be trained under Dick, and Batman to be retired. Terry accepted this, as he knew that training with Dick would give him the skills he has not acquired. He then renamed himself Nightstrike, with the help of his "mother"

In later visits, Dick also informed Terry that he and Jesse would like it if Terry came to stay with them. This noticeably stunned Terry, but he gladly accepted. Though Terry would have to go back to school, and try to get rid of his insomnia. Not entirely thrilled with this news, Terry knew that it would most likely be for his own benefit, and told Dick he was ok with it. Terry feels he has been given a second chance to make sure Gotham doesn't become what it did in his time, and he doesn't plan to waste it.

Terry was trained very well by Dick since he discovered the batcave. His skill as a detective are second only to his father.

Terry is also very athletic. He has spent most of his time reading books and lifting weights when he wasn't needed in his time. He was trained in Martial Arts by both Nightwing, and Huntress. Terry is also an excellent gymnast.

Terry is very independant, and does his best at whatever it is he tries to do. He must learn to work as part of a team, and that he is not the only defender of Gotham anymore. He is very loyal to Dick, Jesse, and Robin(Steph) and will protect them no matter what circumstances come up. Terry is also smart, as even though he quit school, he didn't quit learning. He read whatever book, or novel he could possibly find, and has tried his hand at chemistry more than once. He prides himself on his skills, but always feels he can improve them to better help YJ.

Powers and Weapons
All of Terry's powers are derived from his bat suit. In his cowl, there is a transceiver, and a face filter that allows him to work without a gas mask, etc. altogether. He also has lenses that include, magnification, night vision, and telescopic vision.

Terry also has neuro-muscular amplifyers that allow him to lift 2-3 tons without straining. He also has superhearing via his index and middle finder on either hand. Terry (unlike the other members of the batfamily) also has the abiltiy to glide and/or fly via wings and boot jets. The wings come out of his arms. Terry also has gloves that create his batarangs, so that he never runs out of them, or grappling lines.

Utility belt: Contains explosive and gas batarangs that detonate on impact, also various devices such as lock picks, mini torch, etc.

Nightmobile: The nightmobile is the perfect cross between the batmobile and batwing. It has all the capabilites of both, and a few surprises for when things get too hectic.